By Jim Magdefrau

We should declare a mandate on a ban that bans all bans on mandates.

My convention face.

That should take care of my legislative platform for the week.

How is your hedge fund? How does a hedge fund work? How does the hedge trimmer work?

I guess these are questions that seep into my head when isolated. All I can do is look to better days to come and remember the better times I had.

This is usually the week I write about my renewal in faith for newspapers, having come home from four days in Des Moines and the Iowa Newspaper Association convention. The sessions were held virtually this year, joined by the associations from Wisconsin and Minnesota. I did not get signed in. All I need to get me by are a few Photoshop tricks, and I’m good.

What I miss are meeting with fellow newspaper folks at the Marriott, and getting together with our area legislators at a small reception we have each year. I miss the INA boards I used to serve on, but I have learned there is a fun summer meeting when the weather gets nicer.

Familiar names are the winners in the newspaper contest. I’m out of that game, but hopefully I’m still contributing somewhat to keeping people informed and entertained. There are young people coming into our business with a passion. The passion is not just for the business, but for the community they serve.

Our former director recalls going to a funeral for a longtime publisher. He was given a tour of the community. It seemed every block, a local community member would point to a building, and point out that if it wasn’t for the local publisher, that wouldn’t be there. Hospital. School. Park. The legacy of the people in the business is actually concrete in some cases, and not just an intangible thing for which we strive.

And yes, there will be a midterm. End of lecture.

Here’s to newspapers, and the communities they serve. I’m in it to stay.

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