From the desk of the mayor

By Belle Plaine Mayor Dave Fish

Belle Plaine Mayor Dave Fish

Dear Citizens of Belle Plaine:

By Executive Order, I will be recommending that winter is to exit the city limits of Belle Plaine soon & it need not come back until sometime in December. Preferably with only a light dusting of the white stuff for Christmas.

Let’s see if that helps.

Hang in there everyone, spring is just around the corner!
(I stole the opening from the 2019 newsletter)

I know everyone is tired of all the snow, and the City is just as worn out with this winter as our residents. I would like to thank Al, Dave & Brandon, who are the primaries in city snow removal, for all their hard work and extra time they have put in. I know it is not easy to come to work at 3 o’clock in the morning, then work to 7 or 8 at night and then come back and do the same thing the next day. I think you guys have done a great job, and I genuinely believe most Belle Plaine residents feel the same way.

Like every year, we will review the snow season as a staff and look for ways to improve what gets done & what needs to change. We were expecting to purchase a small end-loader that will be useful on Main Street & the business district, and hopefully, we will have that for next year. We will also have a new sand & salt shed, so it should be easier to get our trucks loaded. One of the fears I know we will have next year — I believe the Highway 21 intersection with Highway 30 could be closed for approximately 18 months. With some of the problems we had with old Highway 131 during the winter months it could create one of the bigger messes we have ever had for traffic to get thru BP in the wintertime. We will deal with it when it happens.

At the last council meeting, we had a pet issue brought to our attention that was easily solved. The discussion carried over to one of our residents, who had asked how many pets could you have in Belle Plaine because it is not on our website. The short answer is five total with no more than three dogs. Yes, it is possible to own five cats, but it is not possible to legally own five dogs. Plus, it is on the website, but it is under the City code section, labeled municipal code.

55.09 NUMBER RESTRICTED. Limitations are placed on the number of dogs and cats that can be kept on the same premises, homestead, or residence in order to provide safety, to prevent disturbances, and to avoid sanitary and health problems within residential areas. The limit for dogs and cats at any one premises, homestead, or residence in the City is five animals total, with not more than three of those being dogs. Any person keeping more than three dogs, and two cats, for a total of five dogs and cats combined as of May 1, 2006, licensed as required by this Code of Ordinances, may continue to keep such animals. Once any such animal is removed from the premises by reason of sale, trade, gifting or the death of the animal, it cannot be replaced if such replacement would make the total number of animals greater than five, with not more than three of those being dogs. Any person served notice regarding the number of animals owned, kept, or harbored will have 48 hours from service of such notice to comply with this section, or the City shall have the authority to remove the animals as provided by this chapter.

We have noticed some problems with our website speed. We are having our computer expert investigate that problem & we are possibly thinking about a whole new, updated website.

Last month several people had concerns about the size of their water bill. Everyone found out that reading the meters was stretched out to a six-week & sometimes seven-weeks stretch because of snow emergencies on two weekends. The question was asked why that could not be shown on the water bill & the answer was our water program will not do that. We did some checking & could find no other cities that put the length of time on their water bill. Thus, we could not explore what program they were using. We have contacted our programmer, and he will modify our program so that sometime in the future, it will show the bill’s time frame. In the meantime, call city hall & ask; it is in the computer but at this time can not be printed on the bill.

Next month I will review the budget for 2021-2022 & discuss the auditor review of our city finances from last year.

Congratulations to all the winter teams that had a very quality season at Belle Plaine High School. Special Congratulations to Brayden Peterson, who qualified for the state wrestling tournament.

The winter seasons are over, so hopefully, we can look forward to the start of track and golf season, followed by softball & baseball. Especially the fact that it should bring us spring and warmer weather. Hopefully, this year those kids & parents will get a season.

As Always, “Go Plainsmen.” Remember, it is up to all of us to make Belle Plaine the best hometown in Iowa!

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