Dust concerns brought up by rural Urbana residents

By Jim Magdefrau

VINTON – Traffic and dust concerns were brought up by residents from northeast Benton County at the Benton County Board of Supervisors meeting, Tuesday, March 2, at the Benton County Service Center in Vinton.


Les Wood was at the meeting to discuss traffic on 33rd Ave. and 54th St. Trail. He has lived in the area for over 10 years and loves the location, but he’s had a problem the past five years. There is a lot of traffic with dump trucks and demolition trucks, creating dust and boils in the road.

He has looked into dust control and has talked with the county engineer. He was also concerned about the impact on nearby Blue Creek. Neighbors added it has become a mud road.

Supervisor Richard Primmer said it is a public road, and the county can’t stop people from driving on it. He didn’t know if the board could so something, but they can check with the sheriff on monitoring the speed. Primmer also suggested checking on contracts with the haulers.

Board Chairman Tracy Seeman said he would come up to look at it.

Primmer said they would like to do something, and explained weight embargoes. Supervisor Gary Bierschenk suggested lowering the speed limit. Primmer also wondered if the county can monitor what is being hauled through the county.

Other business

The board discussed lawn maintenance at the Benton County Service Center. Mac’s Lawn and Outdoor Services, LLC was approved for the maintenance.

The board approved the annual noxious weed resolution. It will be published in late April or May.

The board discussed flood insurance for the old transportation building and its contents. Several departments would like to store vehicles and equipment there.

The board approved the Resolution and Final Plat for Replat of Lot 1, Ferguson First Addition to Benton County.

The board signed a Cyber and Technology Liability Insurance renewal application.

The board opened bids to rent farm land at the Cedar Valley Ranch. A bid for $300 per acre was approved from April Harding. There was also discussion on fertility tests and how the contract is renewed. Also bidding were David Reed – $130, Michael Hopper – $230, Wayne Siela – $270 and Gary Toyne – $280.

The board also discussed concrete work for a parking lot at the service center.

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