Belle Plaine hosts Sigourney in SICL golf

BELLE PLAINE43545444336

GOLFER123456789OutLow 4
1Gavin Ward11477855655843
2Jeremy Reineke (Medalist)4565654444358
3Colton Walton951471496657561
4Mason Ward73127966656175
5Jaden Beal10910810878777
6OPEN 9999999999171



GOLFER123456789OutLow 4
1Josh Mohr5385764544743
2Clay Morse4455656534347
3Brock Halleran5475745744848
4Cade Streigle6476746444848
5Levi Crawford68666456451
6Ethan Shifflett64669575553


BELLE PLAINE43545444336

GOLFER123456789OutLow 4
1Grace Reekers105910586107700
2Jada Pope867897566620
3Macy Morrow106108871086730


GOLFER123456789OutLow 4
1Madi Hornback (medalist)6485645544747
2Lilly Schimdt6686755755555
3Sidney Morse10576756665858
4Claire Svenby8676956876262
5Maizy Cowman87998878771
6Reggie Talbert107959757564


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