Benton Spring Sports Teams

Photos by Kathleen Goslinga and Jim Magdefrau

Members of Benton’s boys’ soccer team are, in front: Clayton Sebetka and Seamus Hurley. In the second row are Giancarlo Carbajal -Ureña, Caleb Gessner, Cole Gehling, Nathan Rottman and Isaac Lueckenotto. In the third row are Ryan Tjelmeland, Jun Soung Park, Koley Kelly, Mason Dellamuth, David Duwa and Luis Hernandez. In the fourth row are Nicson Franck, Sid Boyles, Caden Archambeau, Owen Sadler, Nathan Werning, Austin Juergens and Tyler Atkinson.
Members of Benton Community’s girls’ golf team are, in front: Tiffany Schnor. Ella Hayden, Sidny Miner, Morgan Claeys and Lacy Stien. In the middle row are Maddy Wolf, Kindyl Andrew, Olivia Pickering, Emma Schwake, Whitney Bridgewater and Ava Heeren. In back are Ally Furman, Coach Travis Dirks, Madilyn Colburn and Mary Phillips.
Members of Benton Community’s girls’ soccer team include, in front: Kynzie Vollbrecht, Abby Bunker, Hannah Hansen, Hailey Hakes, Caitlin Keiper, Shakayla Lamer and Grace Embretson. In the middle row are: Olivia Janss, Julia Biery, Kyla Voelkel, Jada Garrett, Bailee Traynor, Samantha Yardley, Kori Lyle, Evelin Hernandez, LeeAnn Hlas and Evelyn Mahan. In back are Coach Thomas Trainer, Morgan Schulte, Alison Newton, Addison Wendel, Piper Nelson, Emily Miller, Delaynee Slouha, Sydney Rupp, Gracie Fry, Rebecca Caldwell and Coach Monte Lamer.
Members of Benton’s girls’ track team include, in front: Parker McConnaha, Katelyn Buscher, Jaden Thys, Hailee Ricklefs, Shakayla Lamer, Chloe Schultz and Megan Schulte. In the second row are: Jada Garrett, Kynzie Vollbrecht, Janelle Morris, Kaitlyn Kulbartz, Kiah Coffin, Abby Rinderknecht, Emma Drahos and Emily Ingalls. In the third row are Hope Moore, Carlie Sims, Bailey Davis, Riley Curtis, Sammy Dengler, Ally Gauthier and Emma Fry. In the fourth row are Gwen King, Ashlyn Hayden, Olivia Janss, Delaney Lohrer, Addison Phillips, Emma Von Ahsen, Andria Stull and Natalie Rickels. In the fifth row are Ravyn Dittmar, Kennedy Donald, Kyla Voelkel, Samantha Wright, Zoey Junge, Lillian Harris (Lilly) and Jenna Twedt. In back are Emma Townsley, Ava Nolan, Jaida Lyons, Jessa DeMoss, Karmyn Benson, Danika Nolte, Madilyn Colburn and Karlee Voss.
Front Row: Nathan Canny, Brady Ellis, Eben Ellis, Jaxson Snitker, Brandon Sims, Luke Dostal, Quintin Volesky, Will Von Ahsen
Second Row: Lawrence Wallace, Aiden Harris, Jacob Brecht, Aidan Thompson, Ryan Lange, Brady Osborn, Colin Buch, Luke Garrett
Third Row: Marcus Ricklefs, Alec Colby, Bryton Grimm, Brandon Schultz, Noah Franck, Easton Patterson, Seth Block, Grant Lange
Fourth Row: Isaac Morris, Trey Schulte, Seth Gossett, Aidan Gallery, Samuel Wallace, Carson Bruns, Malique Henderson
Fifth Row: Ethan Hepker, Isaac Cretin, Brennen Blegen, Ethan Hudson, William Shaw, Andrew Hudson, Kyler Mahan, Gage Offill

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