Atkins Council – April 19, 2021

City of Atkins Iowa

Regular Council Meeting

Council Chambers located at 480 3rd Ave.

April 19, 2021 Minutes

Mayor Visser called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Present were Robison, Spading, Svejda,
Rinderknecht, and DeMeulenaere. Damon, Groskurth and City Attorney Tang, City Engineer Nick
Eisenbacher with Snyder and Associates, and various members of the public were also present.
Spading moved to approve the agenda by removing item 8 resolution 852 – Procurement Policy. Svejda seconded. Ayes: Rinderknecht, Spading, Svejda, and DeMeulenaere. Nays: Robison. Motion carried.

Svejda moved to approve the Consent Agenda items. Svejda seconded. Ayes: Spading, Svejda,
DeMeulenaere, Robison, and Rinderknecht. Motion carried. Consent agenda approved the April 5th
minutes with amendment regarding resolution 849 to included “Spading seconded,” the April 11th
minutes, list of bills, and engineer report. Bills were as follows:

ACCESS SYSTEMS Network Upgrade 8,356.95
ACME TOOLS park supplies 449.00
AETNA Behavioral Health, LLC insurance 16.80
ALLIANT ENERGY utilities 742.86
COMM Tipping Fees 1,369.50
BUSINESS RADIO SALES Siren Controller 533.50
Cardmember Service Road 1,065.98
CRC TRENCHING CO Water Curb Stop Repair 1,050.00
D P PROPERTIES &/OR Cleaning 454.00
ECICOG FS – Fema 787.50
EFTPS Payroll Taxes 2,592.15
GIS BENEFITS Disabiltiy Insurance 95.18
HACH COMPANY WWTP Supplies 304.59
RICHARD LANGE office assistance 715.00
LINN COOP seed 75.00
LYNCH DALLAS, P.C. legal 792.00
MENARD’S park supplies 189.29
MICROMARKETING library 116.77
MIDAMERICAN ENERGY utilities 570.29
P & K MIDWEST parks operation supplies 241.89
RACOM CORP. FS Antenna – Storm 722.02
SNYDER & ASSOCIATES engineering 2,719.60
USA BLUEBOOK phone 231.60
VINTON LIVEWIRE library ad 51.21
VINTON NEWSPAPERS library ad 54.34
WELLMARK BC/BS OF IOWA insurance 2,958.01
Accounts Payable Total 38,194.32
Payroll Checks 8,195.09
REPORT TOTAL 46,389.41
GENERAL 29,869.72
ROAD USE TAX 1,869.40
FEMA 3,295.88
WATER 7,869.60
SEWER 3,484.81
TOTAL FUNDS 46,389.41

Mayor Visser opened public hearing regarding Budget Amendment No. 1 for Fiscal Year ending 2021 at 7:16 p.m. There being no written or oral comments Mayor Visser closed public hearing at 7:18 p.m.
Robison moved to approve Resolution 850 approving Fiscal Year Ending 2021 Budget Amendment No. 1 for the City of Atkins, Iowa. Spading seconded. Ayes: Svejda, DeMeulenaere, Robison, Rinderknecht,
and Spading. Motion carried.

Kurt Karr with Monkeythis, Vinton, Iowa gave presentation to council sharing the marketing services
Monkeythis can provide to the City.

Svejda moved to approve RFQ-Fire Station project and directing Clerk to distribute. Robison seconded. Ayes: DeMeulenaere, Robison, Rinderknecht, Spading, and Svejda. motion carried.
Spading moved to approve Resolution 853 approving Library Assistant Pam Duball at $15.00 per hour.
DeMeulenaere seconded. Ayes: Robison, Rinderknecht, Spading, Svejda, and DeMeulenaere. Motion

Robison and City Engineer Nick Eisenbacher reviewed the results of a Traffic Study for the 33rd
Avenue/Park Ridge Rd. Radar Feed Back signs continue to collect raw data on speed for City and
Engineer to review. Robison and Eisenbacher discussed the 3 options presented in Traffic Study. Option 1 to create cross walk with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) installed to allow pedestrians to

push button when needing to cross and to install a sidewalk on the North Side of 5th Street is the
recommended option. City has received an Iowa Department of Transportation Grant to assist with the purchase of the RRFB. This will create a red light to stop traffic when pushed. Traffic Committee
informed they had discussed an option to place stop sign at intersection. Engineer Eisenbacher
discussed Study and data received does not warrant “stop.” Committee informed Council of
recommendation to create Engine Brake Ordinance. These items will be on the May 5th agenda for
council decision.

Economic Development: Groskurth gave brief update on discussion she and Mayor had with bond
attorney regarding 76 Main Avenue Catalyst Grant and Stonebrook Drive construction.

Audit RFP for FYE 2020 Audit: no RFP’s were received. Groskurth will contact State Auditor’s Office to
discuss how to proceed.

Storm Disaster Recovery Update: Library and City Hall are operating at the main location. City hall
furniture has arrived. Tree and Branch debris – FEMA /Ia HMS requirements continue. The Old Water
Tower Antenna has been removed. ECICOG has completed RFP for Fire Station and will be publishing
soon. Svejda requested City review grant opportunities to replace trees. City Engineer is assisting City with developing RFP for the tree removal process.

Public Works Department report: Department continues to work with engineer, vendor, and lab
regarding the RO membranes. Progress is being made. Damon addressed chlorine odor in water there was a lower PH level that caused chlorine odor to be more prevalent – Chlorine Levels did not change.

Soccer Field is getting used. Public Works is aware soccer field (s) are experiences wet field conditions.

There is a plugged tile. Please do not drive on wet areas. Restrooms are open. Sewer Plant is working

Public Input: Citizen requested council review Golf Cart Ordinance – sees many small children driving, no flags, need stronger enforcement of Golf Cart Ordinance.

The next Regular council Meeting will be held Monday May 3, 2021 at 7:00 p.m., at City Hall Council
Room, 480 3rd Avenue, Atkins Iowa.

Spading move to adjourn. Robison seconded. All ayes. Motion carried. Adjournment time was 9:15 p.m.
Kelly Groskurth, City Clerk

Bruce Visser, Mayor

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