Flag essay contest winners are honored at Central Lutheran School

Third-district fifth-grade flag essay winners were honored at Central Lutheran on May 6. Dave Travis presented the honors. Shown are Elizabeth Strasser, third, and Jenna Grovert, first. Grovert also placed second in the state with her essay. Photo from Central Lutheran.
Niles Biershenk presented awards to the Newhall Post Central Lutheran fifth-grade flag essay contest. He is shown with Brynnlee Seeck , third place, Derek Berger, first, and Claire Schanbacher, third. Photo from Central Lutheran.

Essay by Jenna Grovert

What the American Flag Means to Me

Whether it is leading a parade, flying high over my school, or folded neatly in a triangle, to me the flag means freedom, bravery and respect. I love the flag and the freedom we get as Americans. When I look at the flag I remember all of the veterans who served in the military, but I especially remember my grandfather and cousin who served in the Navy. I have a great deal of respect for our flag.

The flag represents my freedoms such as I get the right to go to the church I choose. I get to go to the school that chose. We say the Pledge of Allegiance at school. Americans have all of these freedoms because of the Declaration of Independence that we fought for from Great Britain.

I see a ton of bravery in the United States. There are many helping heroes especially through the pandemic. Nurses and doctors and the military risk their lives so our lives can be better. They train for wars. They help each other and bravely fight for our freedom.

I dislike all of the news that I have heard about people protesting. I have seen people burning the flag and ripping the flag on TV. I have always believed that you should respect the American Flag. If the flag has rips or tears you should give the flag to a Legion or VFW near you and they will retire the flag properly.

When I see the flag it reminds me of these freedoms that can enjoy in the United States of America. To me, the flag will always mean freedom, bravery, and respect. The flag is not just any flag, it is the American Flag.

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