Reynolds signs law on exploitation; releases task force report

Gov. Reynolds signs SF 562 into law 

Gov. Kim Reynolds

DES MOINES – Today, Gov. Reynolds signed SF 562 into law.  

SF 562:  an Act relating to sexual exploitation by an adult providing training or instruction and statute of limitations time periods for certain criminal offenses committed on or with minors ,and providing penalties and including effective date provisions. 

“Today Iowa stands in support of survivors of sexual violence as we become the 14th state to eliminate the statute of limitations for these heinous crimes,” said Gov. Reynolds. “I also want to thank Kimberly Gleason, a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, who tirelessly advocated for this bill.  Without her bravery and the willingness of so many other survivors to come forward, we wouldn’t be able to hold more abusers accountable for their crimes.” 

“Starting today, the trauma that victims of child sex abuse endure will no longer outlive their ability to pursue criminal charges against their offenders.  I am so honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to work with both our Iowa Senate and Iowa House, Republicans and Democrats alike, to make this happen,” said Kimberly Gleason. “Even if a victim does not choose to pursue criminal charges, I pray this will help to restore their power, and may it lead them to find their voice.  The number of professionals I have been blessed to have met in this field is incredible, and exemplifies the power of showing up and being willing to walk alongside someone.  You never know what one act of kindness will lead to, or the ripple effects it may have.”   

Feeding Iowans Task Force Releases Final Report 

DES MOINES – Governor Kim Reynolds announced the release of the final report of the Feeding Iowans Task Force today, outlining the group’s efforts to combat food insecurity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’m proud of the work the Feeding Iowans Task Force did to identify gaps in Iowa’s food system, establish programs to shore up supply chains, and distribute support across a wide-array of feeding initiatives in the state,” said Governor Reynolds. “The Feeding Iowans Task Force showed how Iowans are able to come together, collaborate, innovate and step up to help those in need all while creating a strategic blueprint to use in the future.”    

“It’s been an absolute honor to lead the Feeding Iowans Task Force’s efforts to combat food insecurity brought on by the pandemic,” said Lt. Governor Gregg. “Because of the work these task force members did, fewer Iowa families and children faced hunger, and our food banks and food pantry system has been improved and strengthened.”  

Governor Reynolds announced the establishment of the Feeding Iowans Task Force on April 10, 2020 with the mission of “identifying potential gaps in the system, connecting resources to ensure Iowans have food on their tables, and making sure Iowans know where to go for help.” The task force was chaired by Lt. Governor Adam Gregg, and included members from charitable organizations and state executive branch agencies. 

Top-line highlights of the report include: 

  • Governor Reynolds distributed over $12.3 million in Coronavirus Relief Fund Dollars to support the Feeding Iowans Task Force’s efforts, which helped provide an estimated 38,413,675 meals to hungry Iowans. 
  • The Beef Up Iowa program provided 450,000 servings of beef, The Pass the Pork program provided 600,000 servings of pork, and the Turkey to Table program provided 700,000 servings of turkey. 
  • The bulk repurchasing and repackaging program provided over 1.3 million pounds of shelf-stable food items. 
  • The Double-Up Food Bucks program expanded to over 100 new locations across 76 counties, which helped 75,334 Iowans buy fresh produce. 
  • “Pack the Pantry” grants helped 102 food pantries expand their refrigeration capacity. 

The full version of the Feeding Iowans Task Force final report, including membership, final figures, and more, can be found here

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