Keystone Council had meeting on May 6

Keystone City Hall

May 6, 2021

6:00 pm

The regular meeting of the Keystone City Council was held Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 6:00 pm. Roll Call members present: Behrens, Janss, Kruse, Upah in attendance at the City Hall; Kaiser in attendance via Zoom. Absent: none. Also Present: Mike Seeck, Chuck Peddicord, Todd and Mimi Garretson, Keystone Residents. Mayor Erin Janss called the meeting to order.

Motion made by Janss, second by Kruse to approve the April 2021 minutes. Motion carried. All voted aye.

Motion made by Kruse, second by Behrens to approve the April 2021 treasurer report. Motion carried. All voted aye.

Mike Seeck and Chuck Peddicord, Keystone Residents, addressed the Mayor and Council regarding her the covenants in the West Franzenburg Addition. They would like the council to take into consideration to increase the house size to a minimum of 1450 sq ft. Motion made by Behrens to increase the square footage. No second to the motion, motion is dead.

Todd and Mimi Garretson, addressed the mayor and council saying they would like to be more involved in what is going on in Keystone. The Mayor addressed this by reiterating the meeting days and there is always an “open door” at City Hall.

Motion made by Janss, second by Kaiser to approve Resolutions 05-01-21, 05-02-21, 05-03-21, 05-04-21 assessing property taxes for unpaid services on designated properties. Motion carried. All voted aye.

Motion made by Kaiser, second by Behrens to approve the bills as read. Motion carried. All voted aye.

AAA Pest Control – pest inspection250.00
Benton County Solid Waste – tipping fees5131.50
Bruns, Jeff-reshingle6500.00
Cardmember Services-purchases307.78
Dysart Tire-repair276.79
DesMoines Register-pub273.76
Dicks Sporting Goods-sum rec supplies542.45
Federal Tax w/h1089.41
Frontline-contract repair2293.00
Furler Utility Services-license2062.45
Guldner, Kathy-labor213.75
Hagen, Angie-reimb supplies799.45
Heitmann, Will-labor249.00
Home Depot-sum rec supplies67.80
Hydrants Unlimited – lab work340.00
J&R Enterprises-gb pu3750.50
Janss, Erin-reimb meals26.00
Just Bats-sum rec supplies929.54
Keystone Communications – phones319.03
Keystone Insurance Agency-insurance900.00
Keystone Laboratories-testing130.80
Kluesner Construction-street sweeping625.00
New Century FS-fuel/lp272.73
Norway Rec Board-dues75.00
Paulsen Automotive-service189.22
Penworthy Company, LLC-books192.75
Pickart, Dorene-cleaning72.00
Pickering Backhoe Service-clean up9900.00
Scharnweber, Inc-service87.74
US Postmaster-postage195.45
USA Bluebook-supplies489.74
VanDeusen PHC-repair246.48

Motion made by Kaiser, second by Behrens, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. All voted aye.

The next regular meeting will be Thursday, June 3, 2021.

Erin G. Janss, Mayor

Angie Hagen, City Clerk

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