Tara Hills Men’s League, June 9, 2021

Team Results, Week 2, June 8, 2021

Team Frey 173
Team Rausch 169
Team O’Brien 166
Team Schallau 154
Team Comisky 151
Team Petersen 147

Overall standings

Team Rausch 335
Team Frey 332
Team O’Brien 327
Team Comisky 317
Team Schallau 308
Team Petersen 301

Scores Under 40:

35 – Dustin Palmersheim
36 – Rod O’Brien, Aaron Van Scoyoc, Joby Frey, Ross Petersen, Tim Touro, TJ Comisky
37 – Todd Rausch, Garret Albers
38 – Scott Schallau, Howard Conrad, Jack Jaspers, Nate Ettleman
39 – Spencer Touro, Bret Wiederin, Butch Brunssen, Dave Bennett, Bruce Feuerbach

Tara Hills Country Club

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