SOUR GRAPES: Biking again

Music on the Wabash Trace with young fans.

By Jim Magdefrau

I might be too late. They tore out the old bleachers in the Belle Plaine High School Gym. I was hoping to preserve the bench I kept warm in high school basketball.

* * *

On my short summer social calendar, I was able to check off one item that was missed last summer. My getaway is going to Southwestern Iowa and take a bike ride on the Wabash Trace, mixed in with my first round of golf for the season. I felt the thigh burn after a fraction of a mile on the gravel trail, and I figured it would be a long day. The short ride was broken up by several music and refreshment stops. I was even lucky enough to be handed a guitar and play a few tunes. That’s a complete day. We did not ride too quickly, as a seven-year-old biker zoomed by us. It’s part of my strategy of having my presence making others feel more confident about themselves.

Throughout the trip the highlight was small talk with college buddies. The topics include music, politics, family, sports, cooking, school, work, and retirement. More and more we compare medications we are taking. Then it gets serious as each conversation leads back to proper techniques in cow-tipping. It’s a “Seinfeld” show on wheels.

The trail runs from Council Bluffs to the Missouri border. It is a testament to a region working together. We are lucky to be friends with the folks who keep this going. If you are ever in the region, be sure to give it a ride, and say howdy to the friendly folks from Malvern, Imogene and Shenandoah. They are waiting for you.

You can ride, have fun and accidentally get into shape.

I’m missing it already.

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