Benton County Warranty Deeds, June 14-18, 2021

June 14, 2021

Gordon Spurgeon conveys to Cassandra L. Lacher and Cody M. Willman, real estate in Lot 2, Block 11, Jones Addition, Shellsburg.

Stone Ridge Developing LLC conveys to Cedar Ridge Homes Inc., real estate in Lots 26 and 27, Stone Ridge First Addition, Atkins.

TD Auto Services LLC conveys to David Linsley, real estate in Lot 2, Block 5, John E Palmer’s Second Addition, Vinton.

David C Rabe conveys to Brian L Toney, real estate in Lot 12, Block 2, Daniel’s Third Addition, Belle Plaine.

Marion and Jeannine Schminke convey to TD Auto Services LLC, real estate in Lot 1, Block 6, Whipple’s Addition, Vinton.

June 16, 2021

Craig A. and Shirley A. Marino convey to Gaylord C. and Marie T. Hrubes, real estate in Lot 7, Rich’s Sixth Addition, Urbana.

Lori A. and Michael D. Neleman convey to Tracy ad Lawrence Covington, real estate in Lots 9 and 10, Oak Woods Addition.

Beverly A. Witmer conveys to Victoria B. and Cody. R. Sumner, real estate in Lots 1 and 4, block 2, Beatty’s Addition, Vinton.

Joshua D. and Lydia R. Clark convey to Jonathan Kaine and Tasha Richart, real estate in Section 32, Benton Township.

June 17, 2021

Marjorie Horne conveys to Oake Gregory, real estate in Lot 5, Block 6, Hutton’s Addition, Belle Plaine.

Justin Werning conveys to Jenna and Brett Thebeau, real estate in Parcel E, Section 8, Benton Township.

June 18, 2021

AST Land Holdings LLC conveys to Marcella E. Chvala, real estate in Lots 2 and 3, Part 1, Bascom’s Addition, Vinton.

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