Routine meeting for Benton supervisors

By Jim Magdefrau

VINTON – The Benton County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, July 6, at the service center building in Vinton.

A land use hearing was set for Tuesday, Aug. 3, at 9:15 a.m., for Lonnie Williams, for land in Section 6, Benton Township.

Law enforcement contracts were approved for Newhall and Mount Auburn. Supervisor Richard Primmer had a question about what the hourly rate would be. The contracts came out to $25 per hour. Rates are expected to increase next fiscal year.

Allison Hicks of Benton County Historic Preservation discussed upcoming camp and workshop registration. They expect 80 attendees. The board and Hicks discussed the best way to handle registration.

The board accepted the resignation of David Carte as a driver with the transportation department.

Changes were approved for security committee members. There are 18 on the committee. The updates were needed as some departments on the committee have changed their heads.

A hiring and interview committee was approved for the maintenance director position. This will include the supervisors and department heads. The the committee was formed on the recommendation of Kirsten Nelson of the human resource department.

The purchase of a cell phone was tabled for the maintenance department.

Dave Vermedahl and Jennifer Zahradnik were appointed to the civil service commission.

Business property tax credits were approved for 2020 taxes.

Treasurer Melinda Schoettmer met with the board on opening new bank accounts. These are two federal accounts, one state, and one for the American Rescue Plan for Covid-19 relief.

A meeting is planned with department heads regarding the American Rescue Plan on what is needed for each department.

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