Keystone Late Summer Newsletter

Keystone City Hall

Hello Keystone Residents / Late Summer Newsletter

Greetings to all of our new residents and families in Keystone. Every week we seem to have someone new moving in to the neighborhood. Hope you have a great experience, and contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Our Keystone EMS and Fire crews are still in desperate need for volunteers. Contact them or city Hall if you have any interest.

The Turner Hall is still hiring pan time help if you have any desire to cook, waiter, or bartend.

Newsletter email – If you would be willing to get these newsletters by email instead of mail, please contact Angie at and give her your email address.

Elections – There are three council positions to be elected this Fall, and there will be the Mayoral spot as well, as I am not running again. You need to get a signature form and get around 15-20 signatures from eligible Keystone voters, and take the form up to the Benton County Court House between Aug. 23 and Sept. 16 to be put on the ballot.

Debt, water, and water bill facts.

There have been numerous stories floating around town, so I will try to give some of the facts I have available on these issues:


1) – Water Mains – Revenue Bond – $742,000. Established in May of 2007, and expires in 2027.

2) – Sewer System – (State mandated that this must occur) – $2,074,582. Established in 2017, and expires in 2037.

Water – There have been numerous articles in the paper lately concerning water quality, with much of it not being controllable by the city, as infiltration comes from many outside sources. Many have asked about Poweshiek Water. lt is not that easy, and if you are not happy with your water bill now, it would increase immensely. This is a statement from Belle Plaine on this issue: they considered rural water, but the cost would be well over $3 million to bring it to Belle Plaine. Also, every gallon used would now get charged — including the town when service is sometimes given for free such as fires, or to residents at reduced costs to fill pools etc. The lines would still need to be maintained, which is a large part of our yearly cost.

The bottom line is: Saying it and doing it are miles apart in costs, as our debt load is already high. This is a much more detailed topic than can be explained in a paragraph.

Water Bill – These two debts above are covered through your water bill.

Water debt – $17, this loan amount is maxed out and should not be increased.

Sewer debt – $45, this loan amount is also maxed out and should not be increased.

The amounts collected from your water bill go directly to the payment of this debt, none of that

amount goes to the town.

We contacted J&R and they just missed a street somehow in picking up the bins. Hope this happens infrequently.

Yard Waste Pick-up – If you are doing limbs, bundle them up for ease of getting picked up. If you are doing yard clippings, leaves etc, please put them in biodegradable bags or a container to dump from so it can be picked up easier, rather than just setting it on the ground. If we miss a pile, please call City Hall and we will get it picked up.

Second Annual Keystone Car Show put on by the “Hooligans” car group. August 8. Proceeds to benefit the Fire Dept. Truck Fund. 8 a.m. to 2 p.m on Main Street and surrounding streets as needed, based on the number of vehicles that attend.

** THOSE THAT LIVE ON ANY PART OF MAIN STREET FROM RAILROAD TO 3RD STREET. TRY TO MOVE YOUR CARS TO ANOTHER STREET THAT DAY. Thanks for your support and come enjoy the sights. Breakfast (7:00 – 11:00) and lunch (12:00 – 2:00). (All years of cars, trucks, and motorcycles}.

* Hope this above information helps in some way.

Enjoy the summer…. Erin – Mayor

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