City Council – Keystone, July 8, 2021


July 8, 2021

6:00 pm

The regular meeting of the Keystone City Council was held Thursday, July 8, 2021, at 6:00 pm. Roll Call members present: Behrens, Janss, Kaiser, Kruse and Upah. Absent: none. Also Present: Jamey Clemann and Brennan Jacobsen. Mayor Erin Janss called the meeting to order.

Correction to the June 3, 2021 minutes: Council Member Upah was absent. After the correction was made, Motion made by Kruse, second by Janss to approve the June 3, 2021 minutes. Motion carried. All voted aye.

Motion made by Kruse, second by Upah to approve the June 2021 treasurer report. Motion carried. All voted aye.

Motion made by Janss, second by Behrens to approve a building permit for Brennan Jacobsen for a 12’x20’ hoop building. Aye: Janss, Behrens Nay: Kaiser, Upah and Kruse. Motion did not pass. The hoop building is not allowed.

Motion made by Behrens, second by Kruse to approve the Law Enforcement Contract. Motion carried. All voted aye.

Motion made by Kruse, second by Behrens to approve the bills as read. Motion carried. All voted aye.

Absolute Science – performance250.00
Acme Electric-ww upgrade32824.00
Atkins Lumber-door knob19.75
B&B Custom Farming-spray600.00
Benton County Solid Waste – tipping fees633.00
Bruns, Jeff-gutter Installation1504.00
Cardmember Services-purchases379.16
Crown Trophy-awards for tourney409.57
Des Moines Register-publications61.76
Dollar General-supplies for SR46.10
Federal Tax w/h1237.75
Furler Utility Services-license2387.93
Guldner, Kathy-labor81.00
Hawkins, Inc.-chlorine427.21
Hagen, Angie-reimb supplies78.76
Heitmann, Will-labor287.86
Hupp Electric Motors-ww upgrade21894.68
Hydrants Unlimited – lab work410.00
Iowa DNR-permit70.88
Iowa Dept of Revenue-sale/w/h tax1417.99
Iowa One Call-locates24.40
J&R Enterprises-gb pu5495.70
Johnson, Max-service131.54
Keystone Communications – phones258.75
Keystone Laboratories-testing57.80
Knaack Lawn Care-service500.00
Koch Office Group-copier contract45.99
Lennie, Melissa-reimb supplies75.35
Municipal Supply-support1975.00
Nutrien Ag Solutions-LP399.00
Paulsen Automotive-repair102.45
Pickart, Dorene-janitorial60.00
Prairie Road Builders-2021 streets67174.50
Schroeder Public Library-budget alloc8592.50
Schulte, Haley-personalization30.00
Summer Rec-budget alloc3000.00
Town and Country Wholesale-concessions873.03
Treeific Trees-budget alloc1000.00
US Postmaster-postage220.82
Upah, Chad-repair at ball diamond225.00
Van Horne Rec-reimb supplies143.00

Motion made by Kaiser, second by Behrens, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. All voted aye.

PLEASE NOTE: The next regular meeting will be Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 6pm.

Erin G. Janss, Mayor

Angie Hagen, City Clerk

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