Tara Hills Men’s League, July 20, 2021

Week 7

Team Results:
Team Petersen- 167
Team Rausch- 165
Team Schallau- 163
Team O’Brien- 157
Team Comisky- 155
Team Frey- 153

Scores Under 40:

33: Spencer Touro
34: Jacob Heit, Dave Bennett
35: Casey Palmersheim, Todd Rausch
36: Al Rausch, Aaron Van Scoyoc, Bret Wiederin, Howard Conrad, Joby Frey, Brian Hornung
37: Scott Schallau, Terry Markwitz, Dwight Beatty, Gary Kaufman, Eyan Garbers
38: Ron Stewart, Ross Petersen, Tim Touro, TJ Comisky, Doug Pippert
39: Jim Beitzel, Steve Dolezal, Dave Olberding, Nate Ettleman, Justin Nolan

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