BC VOLLEYBALL: BC girls open season at Independence tourney

Independence tournament

Saturday, Aug. 8, 2021

Benton 2, Alburnett 0

Grace Embretson had 10 assists. Olivia Janss added three. Piper Nelson had six kills. With three digs each were Janelle Morris and Embretson. The team was 35 of 42 in serves with eight aces. Janss was 7 of 8 with one ace. Emma Townsley was 5 of 6 with one ace. Kiah Coffin was 5 of 6 with two aces. Zoey Junge was 1 of 1. Addison Phillips was 11 of 11 with two aces. Embretson was 3 of 4 with one ace. Nelson was 3 of 4 with one ace.

West Delaware 2, Benton 0

Embretson had four assists. Coffin added three. Nelson had six kills. Embretson added four. Embretson also had seven digs. The team was 20 of 22 with no aces in serving. Janss was 2 of 2. Morris was 1 of 1. Townsley was 4 of 4, as was Coffin. Phillips was 3 of 3. Embretson was 3 of 4. Nelson was 2 of 3. Jenna Twedt was 1 of 1.

Janesville 2, Benton 0

Embretson had 11 assists. Nelson had seven kills. Embretson added six. Janss had nine digs. Phillips added eight. Benton was 28 of 32 in serves with two aces. Janss was 7 of 7. Coffin was 4 of 4. Phillips was 2 of 3. Sarah Gorkow was 1 of 1. Embretson was 8 of 8 with two aces. Nelson was 4 of 5. Brooke DeRycke was 2 of 2.

Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021 at Vinton-Shellsburg

Benton 3, Vinton-Shellsburg 0

Grace Embretson had 36 assists in the WaMaC win. The team had 45 kills, led by Alyssa Tegeler with 17 and Piper Nelson with 10. Adding seven each were Emma Townsley and Addison Phillips.

Phillips had 13 digs. Embretson added 11. The team was 55 of 66 in serves with nine aces. Emma Townsley was 2 of 3, Kiah Coffin was 4 of 7. Zoey Junge was 1 of 1. Philips was 14 of 14 with two aces. Tegeler was 17 of 19 with four aces. Embretson was 12 of 13 with one ace. Nelson was 5 of 9 with two aces.

Benton girls stand for the National Anthem at their match against Vinton-Shellsburg. Benton won, 3-0, in WaMaC action. Photo by Andrea Townsley.

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