Busy sports weekend for Belle Plaine and Benton Community


Friday, Sept. 10, 2021, at Wayne

Belle Plaine 52, Wayne 0

Ben DeMeulenaere was 4 of 7 for passing for 58 yards with one touchdown. Cejay Murphy was 1 for 1 for 24 yards.

Belle Plaine 317 yards rushing. Brooks DeMeulenaere had 5 carries for 103 yards and one touchdown. Ben DeMeulenaere had 11 carries for 85 yards and three touchdowns. Connor Timm and Murphy had one rushing touchdown each.

With one catch each were Timm, Gavin Ward, Ben DeMeulenaere, Murphy and Ty Alcott. Ward had one touchdown.

Chase Wickwire had seven total tackles with three solo tackles. With two solo tackles each were Jack Schwenn and Eli Ehlen.

Jeremy Reineke had two fumble recoveries. Murphy had one. Ward returned one kickoff for 30 yards. Wickwire had seven kickoffs for 173 yards. Ben DeMeulenaere had two two-point conversions.

Belle Plaine (2-1) travels to Central College in Pella to face Colfax-Mingo (1-2) on Friday, Sept. 17.

Benton 28, Marion 6

Friday, Sept. 10, 2021, at Van Horne.

Colin Buch was 7 of 14 in passing for 83 yards. The team rushed for 316 yards. Jacob Brecht had 15 carries for 145 yards and a touchdown. Buch had 16 carries for 131 yards and three touchdowns, including a 55-yard touchdown run. Aiden Harris had four catches for 55 yards. Will Shaw added two catches for 24 yards.

Lawrence Wallace had 10.5 total tackles with nine solo tackles. Mason Dellamuth added 8.5 total tackles with six solo tackles. Brecht had five solo tackles. Will Shaw and Wallace had one sack each.

Sam Wallace recovered one fumble. Brecht returned one kickoff for 23 yards. Bjorn Sunesen had five kickoffs for 277 yards and one touchback.

Marion passed for 56 yards and rushed for 285 yards.

Benton (2-1) goes to South Tama (1-2) on Friday, Sept. 17, at 7:30 p.m.


Saturday, Sept. 11, at East Marshall

Benton 2, East Marshall 0

Grace Embretson had 21 assists. The team was 26 of 41 for kills with six errors, led by Piper Nelson with nine and Alyssa Tegeler with seven. Olivia Janss had seven digs. Benton was 41 of 41 in serves with five aces, led by Addison Phillips with three aces.

Benton 2, West Marshall 1

Embretson had 23 assists. The team was 36 of 92 in kills with 15 errors. With 12 digs each were Janss and Phillips. Tegeler had four blocks. Benton was 53 of 58 in serves with five aces. Tegeler had five aces. Phillips added two.

Benton 2, HLV 0

Embretson had 16 assists. Benton was 23 of 37 in kills with six errors, led by Nelson with eight kills. With four each were Emma Townsley, Tegeler and Embretson. Benton was 37 of 41 for serves with 18 aces, led by Tegeler with seven. With four each were Nelson and Townsley.

Benton 2, Vinton-Shellsburg 0

Embretson had 28 assists. The team was 39 of 97 for kills with 12 errors. Nelson had 11 kills, and Tegeler added 10. The team was 46 of 49 for serves with seven aces, led by Tegeler with three. Embretson had two.

Des Moines Christian 2, Benton 0

Embretson had 18 assists. Benton was 21 of 61 for kills with seven errors, led by Tegeler with 10 kills. Tegeler also had two digs. Benton was 34 of 40 in serves with three aces. Janss had two aces.

Benton (10-5) travels to South Tama on Tuesday, Sept. 14. They play at Marion in the Benton/Marion tournament on Saturday, Sept. 18, with action beginning at 9 a.m.


Benton Invitational

Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021, at Van Horne

Varsity girls

Mount Vernon 27
Williamsburg 39
Benton 67
Independence 111
Vinton-Shellsburg 128

Benton varsity results

3 Jaida Lyons 20:45.0
10 Abby Rinderknecht 22:00.5
15 Gwen King 23.48.0
18 Haiden Moore 24:21.8
21 Jessa DeMoss 24:29.5
26 Jessica Crawford 26:48.6
27 Kierstyn Wacek 26:56.1
47 Emma Schwake 27:55.2
48 Whitney Bridgewater 27:55.2
52 Madelyn Wolf 29:16.4
54 Kaitlyn Bonewitz 29:40.5
56 Ana Glawe 30:12.3

Varsity boys

Mount Vernon 33
Williamsburg 45
Valley Lutheran 83
Benton 94
Vinton-Shellsburg 154
Columbus 170
Isaac Newton Christian Academy 184
Independence 186

Benton results

7 Trey Schulte 18:26.2
16 Isaac Morris 19:02.8
17 Owen Sadler 19:03.1
28 Brady Osborn 19:45.3
34 Brandon Schultz 20:11.6
39 Marcus Ricklefs 20:26.6
42 Ryan Lange 20:38.5
50 Luke Lange 20:53.4
51 Tristan West 20:53.4
79 Bryton Grimm 23:11.3
81 Luis Araiza 23:39.5
89 Isaac Lueckenotto 24:24.2
98 Braeton Havill 26:16.6

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