Norway Council – Sept. 13, 2021

September 13, 2021
Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call – Present: Jay Hahn, Ron Miller, Kevin Frese, Darrell Schulte, Loras Schulte. Absent: None.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by D. Schulte to accept agenda, minutes, treasurer’s report and bills presented. Motion carried, 5-0.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by Frese to table the approval of the revised fire department by-laws until explanation of changes is presented to council. Motion carried, 5-0.
Motion D. Schulte seconded by Miller to approve the renewal of Liquor License for American Legion Post 234. Motion carried, 5-0.
Discussion was held on the property located at 510 W Railroad St. Mayor will contact city attorney to take action immediately for non-compliance to ordinances.
Electronic sign placement is moving forward. Electrician has been contacted for connection requirements for the sign and Christmas lights. Landscape design around the area will be investigated.
Bre Hostman with South Slope presented information on happenings at South Slope as well as information on grants that are available. Community feedback was asked for if any is presented to council.
Nuisance properties/Property cleanup was discussed. Compliance is being achieved on some properties, others will need to have the work completed by the city or its designee and the amount billed back to the property owner.
Properties that have not been notified will receive first notice.
Discussion was held on a generator unit for the fire department. Estimates were presented for natural gas units.
City will work on sale of propane generator and discuss purchase at next meeting.
Public works reported that cleaning of cells at WWTP has been completed. There are still issues at the end of Bickel St, trash being pushed back, grading issues, etc.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by D. Schulte to proceed with ADT security system. Motion carried, 5-0.
Building permits were issued for concrete at 229 E Washington, Concrete at 310 W Railroad and fences at 202 E Johnson and 105 E Johnson.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by Frese to adjourn at 6:10 PM. Motion carried, 5-0.
Next meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2021, at 5:00 PM.

Bruce Volz, Mayor

Attest: Wendy Erger, City Clerk

Norway Iowa

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