Auditor’s office explains election law changes, absentee ballots

Benton County Courthouse

City/School Election

2021 Election Law Changes per House File 413

Today, October 13, 2021, is the first day we can mail out absentee ballots. There is a VERY short window for this election to mail out ballots. The LAST day to mail out ballots is October 18th! Each voter must request a ballot request form individually. Request forms MUST have the date the request is signed.

Returning Ballots:

We are NOT using the drop box outside the Courthouse for returning ballots! Please DO NOT use the drop box for any voting material!

The only people who may return a voted absentee ballot other than the voter are:

  • Someone living in the voter’s household
  • An immediate family member
  • The two special precinct election officials who deliver a ballot to the resident of a health care facility, dementia-specific assisted living program or hospital
  • Voters unable to return a ballot due to blindness or other disability may use a “delivery agent” to deliver their ballots.

Curbside voting is still available for voting at the Courthouse. We can also come down and receive your voted ballot from your vehicle if needed.

Absentee Ballots MUST be received by the County Auditor no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day November 2, 2021.


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