Decat board has September meeting

Benton-Iowa Decat & (CPPC) Flourishing Families Community Partnership for Protecting Children

8:30 am Thursday 9-23-21 Board Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID: 817 3455 1256 Passcode: 170062

Invite Link:

The meeting was conducted pursuant to open meetings and open records law.


The meeting of Benton-Iowa Decat & (CPPC) Flourishing Families Community Partnership for Protecting Children was called to order on approximately 8:33 AM on 9/23/21 via Zoom by Vicki Pope. Quorum was met with 3 board members present.

Present Board Members: Mindy Druschel, Bernie Bordignon, and Vicki Pope.

Other Attendees: Kristi Tisl (DHS) and Lisa Staude (DECACT/CPPC) Cindy Frank (Parent Partner Facilitator), Deaana Harras (English Valley School counselor), Lindsey Upah, Benton County rural access HUB.

Approval of Agenda

Board members reviewed the agenda, and they were approved:

  • Motion: Bernie Bordignon moved to approve the agenda
  • Second: Mindy Druschel
  • Discussion: None
  • Action: Motion passed unanimously

Approval of previous minutes

Board members reviewed the prior minutes from 7-22-21 regular meeting, they were approved.

  • Motion: Mindy Druschel moved to approve the previous minutes as amended per above.
  • Second: Lindsey Upah
  • Discussion: None
  • Action: Motion passed unanimously

Community Input

Parent Partners gave the following update: Benton County has 2 referrals, 4 mentoring parents and are positively impacting 8 children. Iowa county has mentoring 4 parents and are positively impacting 7 children. They currently have 9 fully trained parent partners, 2 training mentoring and 4 in training.

Policy and Practice Changes

There were no reported issues for Policy or practice changes

Board Report

Board members reviewed thedraft of the BID Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Decategorization Service Plan due to Des Moines on 10-1-21. Discussion of the plan including the board priorities, long term goals and strategies. The board approved the report with minimal changes. It will be sent in before the due date of 10-1-21. The 1/4ly board report is not due until the end of the month.

  • Motion: Bernie Bordignon moved to approve the plan as amended.
  • Second: Mindy Druschel
  • Discussion: None
  • Action: Motion passed unanimously

Current Activity

Promotional Bags: MacKenzie and Lisa are working with the local libraries to spread the information about our group. We have conducted 2 library visits to date: Shellsburg and Norway movie night and have 3 more scheduled at Belle Plaine, Garrison and Victor by the end of the month. At each visit we are passing out our promotional bags along with having a bubble activity for kids to enjoy. We are including a half page flyer about the group in each bag and have a promotional label on the outside of the card games we are giving away. We have 5 bubble producing items for the children to enjoy: a battery octopus, 2 bubble guns, and 2 sets of giant bubble sticks. The children are really enjoying the bubble activities, especially the giant bubbles., with numerous parents asking where they can get them for at home.

DECAT Programming

Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center DCAT4-21-020 DHS Wrap-Around,has paid to date childcare activity fees for 2 children in out of home placement for a total of $150.50.

Young Parents Network, DCAT4-22-022, Moms and Dads Program has advertised for the first Love and Logic class. It is scheduled to start in Iowa County on Wednesdays, October 6 – November 10, at the Kirkwood Community College in Williamsburg. The flyer was sent to our full distribution list, specifically asking the superintendents to forward to the principal and counselors at the schools.

Fiscal Report

The proposed estimated FY22 budget was submitted to the board and accepted as sent. CPPC received $20,000 again for coordinator salary and program expenses. DCAT received $22,779 from legislature that must be spent by June 30, 2024. There is an estimated carry over of $82,140 from last year’s budget. Giving us an estimated budget of $124,919.

  • Motion: Mindy moved to approve the fiscal report.
  • Second: Bernie B
  • Discussion: None
  • Action: Motion passed unanimously

Discussion on DCAT contracts the group wants to support this year.

Programming and Funding

Decat dollars

We have more money to spend this year, so we do not give money back. Discussion on needs in community.

  • Mindy said high need for assistance in supervising visits for families not eligible because child was removed from one parent and placed with another parent. DHS is working on a process for this, but it will more than likely be next year before they have something. Families Inc. has this service already going in adjoining counties. The would be a need for a procurement bid.
  • Discussion on transportation issues and the possibility of gas cards. They are hard to do because gas cards are an audit nightmare.
  • Discussion on seeing a lot of aggression and violent behavior in younger elementary school age children. School and JCO is seeing this. One issue is the amount of disfunction at home and the other is the lack of or difficulty in communication between school and home.
  • Discussion about the ISU Old School Produce program and how that program serves multiple functions. It teaches job skills, job ethics, gardening skills, helps students earn restitution money if involved with Juvenile Ct and helps feed the community. Discussion of doing a multiyear contract so we are not scrambling at the end of the year.


  1. Do a procurement bid for Supervised visitation in both Counties for up to $17,000
  2. Prepare a two-year interagency contract with ISU Extension for the Old School Produce Program $12,000 this year and $5,000 next year.
  • Motion: Bernie Bordignon moved to approve the DECAT funding as listed above for the 2 recommended programs.
  • Second: Mindy Druschel
  • Discussion: None
  • Action: Motion passed unanimously

CPPC dollars $8401.88 AVAILABLE

  • Discussion on how to spend the CPPC expense money this year. Continue to support the senior graduation program at $2,000.00
  • Lisa requested and was granted permission to spend $300.00 to purchase 2 different books about bubbles to give to the libraries when visiting them. 16 books will be ordered for the libraries and allowing 2 to keep so we can use them when visiting the libraries. The first is The Bubble Book by Elizabeth Ember , selling at 9.95 . It is geared to teach children calming breathing. The second is an entry level scientific book about bubbles, Pop, a book about Bubbles (let’s read -and-find-out Science) by Kimberly Bradley selling at 5.99. In addition, I would like to order more bubble solution for the large bubbles.
  • Discussion on supporting law enforcement again. Lisa indicated there were inquiries about the activity in past where there was a day of the law enforcement officers having a “game” day at the schools in the summer when the school was serving lunch. The thought was Lisa will inquire more about this with the schools and law enforcement to see if there is interest for next summer and will present back at the next meeting.
  • Motion: Mindy Druschel moved to approve the CPPC funding of $2,000.00 for graduating seniors and $300.00 for the books and bubbles.
  • Second: Bernie Bordignon
  • Discussion: None
  • Action: Motion passed unanimously
  • By Laws were discussed.

Recommendations that they are outdated. Requested the board members review and send recommendations to Kristi and Lisa. We will review and bring suggestions to the board at the next meeting.

Recommendation to table until the next meeting.

Discussion on the need for more board members. Cindy Frank expressed an interest in becoming a board member. Lindsey Upah also expressed interest.

  • Future meeting dates and times. Lisa has a conflict with the November meeting date. She is required to take multiple trainings for developing contracts within the first 12 months of employment. The classes are offered only 2 times a year. One is on November 18, during the scheduled meeting. Can that meeting be changed, or would someone be willing to take minutes? Agreed to have the next board meeting on Nov 23 at 8:30.

Zoom account- DHS has a zoom account we can use but there is a standing meeting already on the 4th Thursday of the month in the morning. Is there a different day/ time aggregable to the group?

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:55 motion by Mindy.

Minutes submitted by: Lisa Staude

Future meeting — 8:30 am —-dates and format

  • FY22 Meeting Dates 8:30 AM : Nov 23(CHANGE), Jan 27, March 24, April 21, May 26. They will continue to be virtual until further notice.

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