NORWAY COUNCIL – Oct. 11, 2021

October 11, 2021
Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call –
Present: Jay Hahn, Ron Miller, Kevin Frese, Darrell Schulte, Loras Schulte. Absent: None.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by D. Schulte to accept agenda, minutes, treasurer’s report, and bills presented.
Motion carried, 5-0.
Mayor presented a written response from 302 W. Tuttle Street concerning the repairs to the bank due to use of
total vegetation killer. A request was heard for consideration of making the hill more accessible for mowing.
Block retaining wall will be explored for possible solution.
Calvin Freese was present to discuss plans for his property at 510 W. Railroad St. Waiting for Alliant to drop
wire in order to begin demolition. They will not be removing foundation. Plans include putting up a 42 x 60 post
frame structure. Will be located approximately where old house is. Verbal confirmation was made of lot pins.
Fill will be brought in to bring the property up with black dirt to be put on top. Veenstra & Kimm inspectors will
be contacted with the package they have chosen after demolition. Would like to work on ditch with rock in the
basin to help move the water away from the property. Zoning commission has met and approved the change.
Property zoning change will be considered at a separate meeting after city and property owner have come to terms
on how the property will be developed. Documentation of development intentions will be presented and, after
review by city attorney, will be signed by both parties.
A building permit was issued for a deck at 132 E Railroad St., a fence at 106 W Railroad St., a driveway
extension at 206 W Washington St. after submission of application, and a porch/awning at 634 Evergreen St.
An email explaining the changes to the fire department by-laws was presented. Motion L. Schulte seconded by
Frese to approve the revised fire department by-laws Motion carried, 5-0. Discussion was held on the possibility
of a storage shed to house the departments tables and chairs, previously stored at Norway Self Storage, included
the possibility of storing at American Legion if another option was not found.
Electronic sign has been placed and is currently running off a non-hardwired connection. Electrician has checked
the area and will get the hardwiring completed in the near future. Landscape design around the area will be
investigated for spring completion.
Nuisance properties/Property cleanup are beginning to come into compliance. There are still others that will need
to have the work completed by the city or its designee and the amount billed back to the property owner.
One bid for the purchase of the generator unit, previously used at the WWTP, was opened in the amount of
$1,500. Motion L. Schulte seconded by Frese to accept the bid. Motion carried, 5-0.
Motion to introduce Resolution 21-11, Setting Fees for Council Approved Building Permits, by L. Schulte
seconded by Miller. Motion carried, 5-0.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by Frese to adjourn at 6:08 PM. Motion carried, 5-0.
Next meeting is scheduled for November 8, 2021, at 5:00 PM.

Bruce Volz, Mayor

Attest: Wendy Erger, City Clerk

Norway Iowa

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