4-H awards and recognition given in Benton County

Benton County 4-H Awards

Sunday, Nov. 14, 2021, at Tilford Elementary, Vinton

2020-21 county council

Rylee Sash, President *
Julia Shultis, VP *
Olivia Hanson, Secretary
Kate Hyland
Kailey Bahmann *
Clayton McKenna
Annabelle Newton
Ellie Karr
Alex Ludeking
Lydia Albertsen
Grayce McClintock
Gabe Hanson
Steiger Manson
* Denotes graduate

2021-22 induction

Alivia Sweeney
Caitlin Atwood
Easton Patterson
Harlyn Heitshusen
Kelsey Brown
Macy Hlas
Mia Brecht

2021-22 youth council officers

Steiger Manson, President
Annabelle Newton, VP
Gabe Hanson, VP
Mia Brecht, Secretary

Most Improved Members

BEHIP Taylor Johnson
Bruce Boosters Eleanor Moen
Florence Go Getters William Kroneman
Florence Hawkeyes Oscar Schadt , Emma Schadt
Fremont Go Getters Grayson Rathje
Harrison Willing Workers Andrew Pingenot
Iowa Ever Readies Brayden Petersen , Connor Petersen
Monroe Barnstormers Kelsey Brown
North Eden Willing Workers Leif Allen
Polk 101 Emily Cue

Outstanding Juniors

BEHIP Logan Flack
Bruce Boosters Olivia Schildroth
Florence Go Getters Ava Siek
Florence Hawkeyes Braden Martin
Fremont Go Getters Grayson Rathje
Harrison Willing Workers Madeline Pingenot
Iowa Ever Readies Lilly Wonick
Jackson Better Farmers Abby McKenna
North Eden Willing Workers Ava Schirm
Polk 101 Caleigh Lewis

Outstanding Intermediates

BEHIP Kaylee Kintzel
Bruce Boosters Benjamin Rosauer
Florence Go Getters Samantha Zahradnik
Florence Hawkeyes Cade Volesky
Fremont Go Getters Evan Patterson
Harrison Willing Workers Addyson Matheny
Iowa Ever Readies Joe Randall
Monroe Barnstormers Charley Geiger
North Eden Willing Workers Devin Selken

Outstanding Seniors

BEHIP Jessica Crawford
Bruce Boosters Olivia Hanson
Florence Go Getters Breck Coffland
Florence Hawkeyes Quintin Volesky
Fremont Go Getters Easton Patterson
Harrison Willing Workers Josh Wiley
Iowa Ever Readies Macy Hlas
Jackson Better Farmers Charlee Johnson
North Eden Willing Workers Briana Happel
Polk 101 Steiger Manson

National 4-H Congress Delegate – Alex Ludeking


Creative Arts

Music (Senior) Alex Ludeking
Photography (Junior) Caleigh Lewis
Photography (Intermediate) Megan Krug
Photography (Senior) Steiger Manson
Visual Arts (Junior) Addie Hinebaugh
Visual Arts (Intermediate) Lorelei Hinebaugh

Family & Consumer Sciences
Food & Nutrition (Junior) Kinze Manson
Food & Nutrition (Intermediate) Lorelei Hinebaugh
Food & Nutrition (Senior) Owen Krug
Home Improvement (Junior) Wyatt Shaver
Home Improvement (Intermediate) Lorelei Hinebaugh
Home Improvement (Senior) Olivia Hanson
Sewing & Needle Arts (Junior) Olivia Schildroth
Sewing & Needle Arts (Senior) Briana Happel

Personal Development
Citizenship (Junior) Caleigh Lewis
Citizenship (Senior) Alex Ludeking
Communications (Junior) Jenna Grovert
Communications (Senior) Alex Ludeking
Leadership (Senior) Alex Ludeking

Science, Engineering & Technology

Woodworking (Senior) Olivia Hanson
Mechanics (Intermediate) Devin Selken

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Other ANR (Junior) Wyatt Shaver


Beef (Junior) Ava Siek
Beef (Intermediate) Hannah Siek
Beef (Senior) Breck Coffland
Dairy Cattle (Junior) Aimee Happel
Dairy Cattle (Intermediate) Devin Selken
Meat Goats (Junior) Ava Schirm
Poultry (Junior) Kaytie Happel
Sheep (Junior) Jenna Grovert
Swine (Junior) Kinze Manson
Swine (Senior) Steiger Manson

Additional Project Areas

$15 Challenge (Junior) Nora Grovert
Educational Presentation (Junior) Caleigh Lewis
Educational Presentation (Senior) Alex Ludeking


Farmers Savings Bank (Intermediate) Lorelei Hinebaugh
Achievement Award (Senior) Steiger Manson
Ak-Sar-Ben Award (Senior) Breck Coffland
Citizenship Award (Senior) Alex Ludeking , Olivia Hanson
Danforth ‘I Dare You’ Award (Senior) Breck Coffland , Olivia Hanson
Leadership Award (Senior) Briana Happel


Honorary 4-H Member Todd Wiley
Iowa 4-H Foundation Hall of Fame Inductee Brian McNulty
Leader of the Year Emily Olson, Amy Monat and Angie Becker, North Eden Willing Workers

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