COUNCIL: Norway, November 8, 2021

Norway Iowa

November 8, 2021
Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call – Present: Jay Hahn, Ron Miller, Kevin Frese, Darrell Schulte, Loras Schulte. Absent: None.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by Frese to accept agenda, minutes, treasurer’s report, and bills presented. Motion carried, 5-0.
Eric Marks was present to ask council if there was any room in the budget for repairs to the alley entrance on Main St. between Tuttle and Washington. Mayor informed him the budget process will begin in January and cost of blacktop would be looked into. Marks stated that he would like to see it re-shaped and cemented. Bids will be looked into for budget information to see if it would be feasible. Council stated that in no way could they be sure of what unexpected budget needs would restrain the budget at this time but would look into it at budget time.
Motion to introduce Resolution 21-11, Setting Fees for Council Approved Building Permits, by L. Schulte seconded by Frese. Motion carried, 5-0.
Motion to introduce Resolution 21-12 Accepting the Assignment of Contract for Garbage/Recycle Services by L. Schulte, seconded by Frese. Motion carried, 5-0. The contract for services will remain the same as existing contract, with the new company name being LRS of Iowa.
Motion D. Schulte, seconded by Miller to grant St. Michael’s church a permit for a railing at the church steps with the permit fee being waived. The cost of rock was waived as well, in return for the use of services of its ground during the Derecho. Motion carried, 5-0.
Discussion on the property at 510 W Railroad demolition project. Council understanding at the last meeting was that the demolition materials would be removed shortly after demolition occurred. One month later there has been little to no action. Council will ask the attorney to reinstate what had been started and continue with due process. No zoning process will begin until we have been presented with an agreement as to the plans for the rebuilding. 114 Euclid was also discussed as to what is happening in the demolition process. A letter has been sent but no response has been received to date. Other properties in need of abatement of nuisance process have been served their 10-day notice of compliance and will be notified by attorney of violations.
A job description of City Clerk was accepted by council. The help wanted ad will be sent for publication and posted to the website at Council will discuss more details at the next meeting concerning pay scale and hours.
Brian Fritz was present under public comments, regarding permission to put in a septic system in place of tying into city sewer system. Mayor stated that previous minutes showed that permission was never granted for putting in a septic system and Mr. Fritz would, as asked of him previously, need to contact the DNR concerning putting in a private septic system. It was reiterated that the City Code of Ordinances clearly states that all properties within the city limits are required to connect to city sewer system. Something in writing would need to be presented to council that clearly states it is suitable to do this. That would be the city’s starting point to hear arguments for or against allowing a private septic. Mr. Fritz was not on the agenda so no official action could be discussed/taken.
Mayor reported that trailer parking on streets has been addressed. Christmas lights that the city had hoped to put on Railroad St are not going to be able to go up due to regulations of Alliant Energy. The lights will be listed for re-sale. The problem of snow removal was discussed in anticipation of the coming winter weather. Residents are not allowed to push snow onto city streets or onto neighboring properties. It was also reported that the fire department has received a generous donation from a private source.
Concerns were heard regarding building permits at various properties as well as water drainage being affected by the shaping of berms. Tire accumulations, grass length, unlicensed vehicles, and general junk were among the other concerns.
Motion L. Schulte seconded by Miller to adjourn at 6:00 PM. Motion carried, 5-0.

Bruce Volz, Mayor

Attest: Wendy Erger, City Clerk

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