Atkins Council – December 30 minutes, January 3 agenda

City of Atkins Iowa
City Council Special Meeting Minutes
Thursday, December 30, 2021, at 6:00 p.m.

Council Room, City Hall, 480 Third Avenue, Atkins Iowa, 52206
Mayor Bruce Visser called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Present were DeMeulenaere, Rinderknecht, Spading, and Svejda. One Council Seat is Vacant. Also present were, Ryan Tang
– City Attorney, and Groskurth. Michael Luton and Rick Stoltzfus candidates to fill vacancy.
Svejda moved to approve list of bills. Rinderknecht seconded. Ayes: Rinderknecht, Spading,
and Svejda. Nays: DeMeulenaere. Motion carried.

List of Bills were as follows:

  • Chem-Sult, Inc Chemicals 1,726.00
  • Gazette Communications Publications 154.05
  • Lynch Dallas, P.C. Legal Services 3,960.00
  • Smart Apple Media Books 281.50
  • Solum Lang Architects Derecho-Fire Station Rebuild 7,747.50
  • Total 13,869.05

Mayor Visser announced there are three persons showing intent to be considered for the vacant Council seat. Rob Stolen, Michael Luton, Rick Stoltzfus, all of Atkins.
Mayor Visser gave floor to candidate Michael Luton to introduce himself and explain why he is
interested in serving on the council. Michael Luton gave a presentation.
Mayor Visser gave floor to candidate Rick Stoltzfus to introduce himself and explain why he is
interested in serving on the council. Rick Stoltzfus gave a presentation.
Rob Stolen was not present in-person or on-line to give a presentation.
Spading moved to approve Resolution 931 a Resolution to Fill City Council Vacancy for the
City of Atkins, Iowa by appointing Rick Stoltzfus. DeMeulenaere seconded. Ayes: DeMeulenaere, Spading, Svejda, and Rinderknecht. Motion Carried.
Svejda moved to adjourn. Rinderknecht seconded. Ayes: Spading, Svejda, Rinderknecht, and
DeMeulenaere. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.
Kelly Groskurth City Administrator/Clerk
Bruce Visser, Mayor

City of Atkins Iowa
City Council Meeting Regular Session
Monday, January 3, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.
Council Room, City Hall, 480 Third Avenue, Atkins Iowa, 52206
Instructions to access the meeting using teleconference application Webex; – Video is not needed but may be available.
Meeting number is 2551 511 6076 password qjP9zEbPd63
Meeting opens 15 minutes prior to the start time.
(Click Here for meeting link)
Without webex, Call the telephone number 1-510-338-9438
Enter access code 2551 511 6076# password 75799327# you will have access to hear and
speak. *6 will mute and unmute your device.
Contact the City Clerk at 319-446-7870 or email if you plan to speak before the Council.
Optional – but preferred.
NOTICE AND CALL OF PUBLIC MEETING. The Mayor and Council welcome comments from the public during the public input time. You are required to state your name and address for
the record and to limit the time used to present your remarks in order that others may be given an opportunity to speak. The order of business is at the discretion of the Chair. The audio portion of this meeting may be recorded.
Opening guidance to conduct the meeting using teleconference application Webex. Users are
requested to mute the video during times they are listening to preserve bandwidth in the system. With audio only device (cell phone or landline), *6 will mute and unmute.

Regular Session Agenda:

  1. Call to Order and Roll call by Mayor Bruce Visser
  2. Approve the agenda.
  3. Council comments concerning the Consent Agenda items and motion to approve.
    3.0 Approve council Minutes of December 19, 2021, December 21, 2021, and
    December 30, 2021.
    3.1 Project Update – Debris Removal MSA
    3.2 List of Bills for Approval
  4. Resolution 922 approving city Meeting Calendar for Calendar Year 2022.
  5. Mayoral Proclamation Appointing the Mayor Pro-Tem
  6. Mayor’s Update
  7. Public Works Update
  8. Set Council workshops – Council Orientation and Budget Workshop
  9. Public input for items not on the agenda. Comments are limited to 3 minutes.
  10. Set next Regular Council Meeting to be held Monday, January 17, 2022 at 7:00 p.m., at
    City Hall Council Room, 480 3rd Avenue, Atkins, Iowa.
  11. Adjournment.
    This Notice is given at the direction of the mayor pursuant to Chapter 21, Code of Iowa, and the local rules of the City of Atkins, Iowa.

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