Plainsmen get three dual wins at Maxwell

Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022, at Maxwell

Belle Plaine 51, Collins-Maxwell 18

145: Ethan Argo (BEPL) over Blake Huntrods (CM) (Fall 1:15)
152: Clayton Leslie (CM) over Gabe Kaplan (BEPL) (Fall 0:50)
160: Gavin Ward (BEPL) over David Clark (CM) (Fall 0:40)
170: Mason Ward (BEPL) over Lucas Ness (CM) (Fall 2:45)
182: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over Brody Sampson (CM) (Dec 9-4)
195: Marshall Day (CM) over (BEPL) (For.)
220: Double Forfeit
285: Double Forfeit
106: Zach Haus (CM) over Evan Grieder (BEPL) (Fall 2:20)
113: Kaitlyn Trahan (BEPL) over (CM) (For.)
120: Brayden Peterson (BEPL) over Benjamin Connolly (CM) (Fall 0:36)
126: Peyton Weeda (BEPL) over Gracie Leslie (CM) (Fall 3:28)
132: Parker Weeda (BEPL) over Nathan Smith (CM) (Fall 3:57)
138: Mason Spear (BEPL) over (CM) (For.)

Belle Plaine 48, English Valleys-Tri County 36.0

106: Evan Grieder (BEPL) over (EVTC) (For.)
113: Jackson Weeda (BEPL) over (EVTC) (For.)
120: Brayden Peterson (BEPL) over Dominic Garringer (EVTC) (Fall 2:40)
126: Peyton Weeda (BEPL) over (EVTC) (For.)
132: Cael Mihal (EVTC) over Parker Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 1:41)
138: Nevaeh Briggs (EVTC) over Mason Spear (BEPL) (Fall 4:44)
145: Joshua Osborn (EVTC) over Ethan Argo (BEPL) (Fall 4:39)
152: Benjamin Coffman (EVTC) over Gabe Kaplan (BEPL) (Fall 0:47)
160: Gavin Ward (BEPL) over Omar Guillen (EVTC) (Fall 1:33)
170: Mason Ward (BEPL) over (EVTC) (For.)
182: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over Luke Moore (EVTC) (Fall 1:32)
195: Jack Schwenn (BEPL) over (EVTC) (For.)
220: Dillon Kapple (EVTC) over (BEPL) (For.) |
285: Ashton Moore (EVTC) over (BEPL) (For.)

Belle Plaine 42, Baxter 36

145: Tucker Preacher (BAXT) over (BEPL) (For.)
152: Curtis Gliem (BAXT) over Gabe Kaplan (BEPL) (Fall 1:29)
160: Gavin Ward (BEPL) over Callyn Bishop (BAXT) (Fall 1:56)
170: Mason Ward (BEPL) over Micheal Wilhelm (BAXT) (Fall 1:47) 182:
195: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over (BAXT) (For.)
220: Jace Bottorf (BAXT) over (BEPL) (For.)
285: Carter Smith (BAXT) over (BEPL) (For.)
106: Jackson Weeda (BEPL) over (BAXT) (For.)
113: Evan Grieder (BEPL) over Alex Dille (BAXT) (Fall 3:08)
120: Brayden Peterson (BEPL) over Zoey Gliem (BAXT) (Fall 0:13)
126: Cole Smith (BAXT) over Peyton Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 2:00)
132: Jack Anderson (BAXT) over Parker Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 3:27)
138: Ethan Argo (BEPL) over (BAXT) (For.)

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