Belle Plaine hosts BGM, Grinnell and South Tama, North Tama in wrestling

Chase Wickwire wrestles for Belle Plaine in action from Belle Plaine on Jan. 11. Photo by Les Jacobi.

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022, at Belle Plaine

BGM 48, Belle Plaine 30

132: Austin Shaull (BGM) over Parker Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 1:35)
138: Ethan Argo (BEPL) over (BGM) (For.)
145: Mason Maschmann (BGM) over Jeremy Reineke (BEPL) (Fall 1:25)
152: Cooper Winter (BGM) over Gabe Kaplan (BEPL) (Fall 1:00)
160: Gavin Ward (BEPL) over Ryan Hopwood (BGM) (Fall 1:08)
170: Mason Ward (BEPL) over Brock Bellenger (BGM) (Fall 3:52)
182: Double Forfeit
195: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over Connor Cooling (BGM) (Fall 1:16)
220: LJ Henkle (BGM) over (BEPL) (For.)
285: Layne Jocom (BGM) over (BEPL) (For.)
106: Cale Reding (BGM) over Evan Grieder (BEPL) (Fall 1:04)
113: Briar Kriegel (BGM) over Joe Randall (BEPL) (Fall 1:21)
120: Brayden Peterson (BEPL) over (BGM) (For.)
126: Sawyer Callahan (BGM) over Peyton Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 0:59)

Grinnell 42, Belle Plaine 30

138: Double Forfeit
145: Ethan Argo (BEPL) over Teylor Doty (GRIN) (Fall 0:36)
152: Gabe Gilman (GRIN) over Jeremy Reineke (BEPL) (Fall 3:39)
160: Gavin Gilman (GRIN) over Gabe Kaplan (BEPL) (Fall 1:22)
170: Josh Osborne (GRIN) over Gavin Ward (BEPL) (Fall 3:09)
182: Mason Ward (BEPL) over (GRIN) (For.)
195: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over Oliver Louden (GRIN) (Fall 1:09)
220: Skylar Green (GRIN) over (BEPL) (For.)
285: Double Forfeit
106: Dylan Heater (GRIN) over Evan Grieder (BEPL) (Fall 0:46)
113: Brayden Graff (GRIN) over Joe Randall (BEPL) (Fall 1:22)
120: Logan McDonald (GRIN) over Brayden Peterson (BEPL) (Fall 2:56)
126: Peyton Weeda (BEPL) over Alejandro Cantillo (GRIN) (Fall 5:03)
132: Parker Weeda (BEPL) over (GRIN) (For.)

Belle Plaine 40, North Tama 30

152: Gabe Kaplan (BEPL) over (NTAM) (For.)
160: Logan Rausch (NTAM) over Gavin Ward (BEPL) (Fall 2:33)
170: Aiden Zook (NTAM) over Mason Ward (BEPL) (Fall 1:45)
182: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over Clay Hershberger (NTAM) (Fall 1:28)
195: Jack Schwenn (BEPL) over (NTAM) (For.)
220: Double Forfeit
285: Double Forfeit
106: Case Monat (NTAM) over Evan Grieder (BEPL) (Fall 1:17)
113: Joe Randall (BEPL) over (NTAM) (For.)
120: Brayden Peterson (BEPL) over (NTAM) (For.)
126: Gavin Rausch (NTAM) over Peyton Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 1:52)
132: Kolt Knaack (NTAM) over Parker Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 0:31)
138: Ethan Argo (BEPL) over Nathan Kucera (NTAM) (MD 10-2)
145: Jeremy Reineke (BEPL) over Drayke Podhajsky (NTAM) (Fall 1:45)

South Tama 61, Belle Plaine 18

160: Gavin Ward (BEPL) over Drayton White (STC) (Fall 0:25)
170: Boden Koehler (STC) over Mason Ward (BEPL) (Fall 0:40)
182: Chase Wickwire (BEPL) over (STC) (For.)
195: Ryne Kesl (STC) over (BEPL) (For.)
220: Gavin Bridgewater (STC) over (BEPL) (For.)
285: Dayton Filloon (STC) over (BEPL) (For.)
106: Cale Graff (STC) over Evan Grieder (BEPL) (MD 14-4)
113: Clayton Babinat (STC) over Joe Randall (BEPL) (Fall 2:32)
120: Eligh Branan (STC) over Brayden Peterson (BEPL) (Fall 1:46)
126: Maeley Elsbury (STC) over Peyton Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 3:22)
132: Jacob Youngbear (STC) over Parker Weeda (BEPL) (Fall 1:26)
138: Ethan Argo (BEPL) over (STC) (For.)
145: Keinzer Jaennette (STC) over Jeremy Reineke (BEPL) (TB-1 7-5)
152: Cyrus Mathes (STC) over Gabe Kaplan (BEPL) (Fall 0:44)

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