Bobcats get two wins in wrestling over WaMaC foes

Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022
Benton, Vinton-Shellsburg and Marion at Van Horne

Benton 40, Marion 18

160: Mason Dellamuth (BECO) over Adam Rose (MARI) (Fall 1:46)
170: Ethan Hangartner (MARI) over Koley Kelly (BECO) (Fall 4:17)
182: Mayson Mitchell (BECO) over Dondrea Walker (MARI) (Fall 1:33)
195: Troy Kupka (BECO) over Wyatt Erkel (MARI) (Fall 1:12)
220: Tayt Broell (MARI) over Aidan Thompson (BECO) (Fall 2:19)
285: Brennen Blegen (BECO) over Noah Case (MARI) (Fall 1:17)
106: Ryan Koehler (BECO) over Lucas Horak (MARI) (Fall 5:26)
113: Elijah Kupka (BECO) over Rafael Boucher (MARI) (Fall 5:20)
132: Wesley Logan (MARI) over Blake Heying (BECO) (Fall 3:19)
145: Brenden Heying (BECO) over Hunter Horak (MARI) (MD 15-5)

Benton 51, Vinton-Shellsburg 30

170: Koley Kelly (BECO) over (VISH) (For.)
182: Mayson Mitchell (BECO) over Taylor Anderson (VISH) (Dec 8-5)
195: Curtis Erickson (VISH) over Troy Kupka (BECO) (Fall 0:46)
220: Caleb Rouse (VISH) over Aidan Thompson (BECO) (Fall 0:49)
285: Brennen Blegen (BECO) over (VISH) (For.)
106: Bree Swenson (VISH) over Ryan Koehler (BECO) (Fall 1:39)
113: Elijah Kupka (BECO) over (VISH) (For.)
120: Carter Lamont (VISH) over Jordan Thys (BECO) (Fall 1:53)
126: Jack Neibes (BECO) over (VISH) (For.)
132: Jaiden Moore (BECO) over Graham Henkle (VISH) (Fall 1:41)
138: Dawson Franck (BECO) over (VISH) (For.)
145: Brenden Heying (BECO) over (VISH) (For.)
152: Brady Ortner (VISH) over Clayton Sebetka (BECO) (Fall 2:33)
160: Mason Dellamuth (BECO) over (VISH) (For.)

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