Routine morning for Benton County Supervisors

Benton County Courthouse

By Jim Magdefrau

VINTON – It was a routine day for the Benton County Board of Supervisors as they held their weekly meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, at the service center in Vinton.

The Historic Preservation Commission certified their annual report.

The board approved the promotion of Sarah Siglin from part-time to full-time communications specialist in the sheriff’s office. They also approved hiring Alyssa McAtee as full-time communication specialist . They have completed their training. Sheriff Ron Tippett said this puts the sheriff’s office right where they were for staffing.

The hiring of Whitney Amos as part-time dispatcher was also approved. She is a dispatcher in Jones County. She used to work in Benton County.

The board approved ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) claims for Neapolitan Labs for website development balance, and True North Company for consulting on the radio project.

The supervisors discussed the roundhouse park in Atkins, and who will take care of the park. They are awaiting results of a city election on this. The park belongs to the county, and it used to be taken care of by the city. Supervisor Chairman Tracy Seeman said this is the supervisors’ responsibility.

The board approved Foundation 2 funds for a vehicle. They also approved training using mental health balance funds. A pay increase was also approved for Shelby Chekal. The current budget will need to be amended.

The board amended the maximum levy hearing date due to a publication error.

In reports, Seeman said the landfill commission is looking to buy land from the landfill’s neighbors for expansion of the landfill. They also hope to pour concrete up to the scale at the landfill.

Benton County Supervisors on YouTube, Feb. 22, 2022 meeting.

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