SWCD Commissioners ……

  • Set local priorities for natural resources protection
  • Make decisions that will make their county a better place 
  • Increase local awareness of natural resource concerns and opportunities 
  • Give back to their communities 
  • Hold monthly meetings
  • Receive support from local, state, and national partners to accomplish duties
  • Obtain and share information on soil and water conservation programs, practices, and advancements
  • Promote conservation through demonstration, education, and outreach  
  • Guide technical and financial resources to meet the unique local needs and opportunities of the community
  • Work with farmers and urban residents 

About districts and commissioners……

  • There are 100 Soil and Water Consecration Districts (SWCDs) in Iowa
  • Districts are organized on a county wide basis
  • Each District is governed by 5 Commissioners 
  • Iowa Code 161A empowers Iowa’s Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners
  • Commissioners are reimbursed for expenses as local budgets allow but are not paid for their service
  • Commissioners are protected from personal liability
  • There are 3,000 Soil and Water Conservation Districts and 17,000 Commissioners across the nation.

If you’re eligible to vote in a general election, you’re eligible to be a commissioner. Contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District (319-472-2161) to determine your township/location.

A completed, notarized affidavit of Candidacy and Nomination Petition for Non-Partisan Offices with 25 signatures from residents of your County must be obtained at and returned to your County Court House. Forms are also online at Banks and County courthouses may offer notary services. Appointments and small fees may apply. Forms are due August 31ST by 5:00 P.M

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