Benton girl golfers travel to West Delaware

Girls’ golf Tuesday, April 21, 2022, at Pin Oak Country Club

  • West Delaware 184
  • Benton 240

Medalist: Ella Koloc, West Delaware, 45

Benton scores

  • Emma Schwake 52
  • Ella Hayden 66
  • Sidny Miner 64
  • Mandy Wolf 64
  • Ally Furman 63
  • Whitney Bridgewater 61

Benton Coach Travis Dirks said, “It was a beautiful day for golf, finally! We really struggled as a team today. A lot of the girls were unfamiliar with the course and had a hard time. Emma was her usual self firing a 52. Our team motto is “Think like a goldfish” used from the show Ted Lasso. We say this because a goldfish has a memory of 10 seconds. In golf you have to have a short memory and forget about the past and move on. We will forget about this outing and move on. We as a team know we will be better and we will get better as the weather improves and we are able to get outside more. I am confident we will improve, because I saw sad eyes that turned into determined eyes as we talked after the meet. These girls have what it takes to improve, and I am looking forward to watching it take place.”

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