Awards night honors Belle Plaine seniors at the King Theater on May 4

Belle Plaine Class of 2022 Awards

Class of 2022 Awards

American Bar Association Citizenship Award – Addison Dahlquist
Bernie Saggau Award – Olivia Bohlen
Big MAGOSA Award – Tristan Regan
DAR Good Citizenship Award – Addison Dahlquist
Des Moines Register Academic All State Award – Kiley Alcott
Governor’s Scholar – Olivia Bohlen
High School Heisman – Olivia Bohlen
Jeanne Formanek Drama Award – Addison Dahlquist
KWWL’s Best of the Class – Olivia Bohlen
SICL All Activity Award – Breanna Cook, Jacy Gates, Ben DeMeulenaere, Alivia Haack, Olivia Bohlen, Kiley Alcott, Steven Tri & Addison Dahlquist

Class of 2022 Scholarships

American Legion & Auxiliary of Blairstown Post #170 Scholarship $500 – Kiley Alcott
American Legion Auxiliary Dept. of Iowa Third District Merit Award – Abigail Miller
American Legion Post #39 Scholarship $500 – Steven Tri & Kiley Alcott
American Red Cross Scholarship $500 – Kiley Alcott
Belle Plaine Ambulance Scholarship $300 – Jenna Fry
Belle Plaine American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship $600 – Olivia Bohlen & Abigail Miller
Belle Plaine Athletic Boosters Scholarship $250 – Jacy Gates, Olivia Bohlen, Kiley Alcott & Sheldon Coover
Belle Plaine Education Association Scholarship $125 – Addison Dahlquist, Jacy Gates, Abigail Miller & Courtney Hook
Belle Plaine FFA Alumni – Kiley Alcott, Gavin Ward & Mason Ward
Belle Plaine Foundation Scholarship $2250 – Courtney Hook & Abigail Miller
Belle Plaine Music Boosters Scholarship $500 – Addison Dahlquist & Steven Tri
Belle Plaine Staff Alma Mater Scholarship $1000 – Kiley Alcott, Olivia Bohlen & Addison Dahlquist
Benton County Legion Scholarship $1000 – Olivia Bohlen
Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors: Deanna Long Scholarship – Alivia Haack
Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors: Monnahan Slaton Group Scholarship – Abigail Miller
Chelsea Methodist Church Scholarship $1000 – Addison Dahlquist
Chelsea Savings Bank Scholarship $250 – Alivia Haack
Christ United Methodist Church:  Leora Sauerteig Scholarship $1000 – Abigail Miller
Christ United Methodist Church: Orville and Jane Sayers College Scholarship $1000 – Abigail Miller

Dollars for Scholars

Dollars for Scholars Scholarships $1000 – Ben DeMeulenaere, Macy Hlas, Allison Morrow, Mason Ward, Nikkia Spinelli, Jackson Spencer, Alivia Haach & Steven Tri
Art & Julia Riherd Scholarship $500 – Macy Hlas & Allison Morrow
Carole Donovan Memorial Scholarship – Breanna Cook ($8000), Steven Tri ($8000),
Ben DeMeulenaere ($6000), Alivia Haack ($6000), Olivia Bohlen ($6000), Addison Dahlquist ($6000), Addison Dahlquist ($6000), Kiley Alcott ($6000), Sheldon Coover ($6000), Jacy Gates ($6000)
Claire Allee Memorial Scholarship $3000 – Mason Ward, Madelyn Marek & Eli Ehlen
Orville & Jane Sayers Scholarship $4000 – Eli Ehlen, Gavin Ward, Macy Hlas, Allison Morrow, Abigail Miller & Olivia Bohlen
Don Carl Trucking Scholarship $500 – Gavin Ward
Drahn Insurance Scholarship $250 – Kiley Alcott, Breanna Cook, Sheldon Coover, Ben DeMeulenaere, Eli Ehlen & Steven Tri
Father John Graham Foundation Scholarship $2500 – Nikkia Spinelli
First Congregational Church Scholarship $2600 – .Gavin Ward
Friends of MercyOne Waterloo Medical Center Scholarship $1000 – Kiley Alcott
Hagan Scholarship $6000/semester – Steven Tri
Hope Masonic Lodge #175 Scholarship $500 – Jenna Fry
Hrabak/Neuhaus Funeral Services Scholarship $500 – Allison Morrow
H.W. & Alberta Staffenbeal Trust Scholarship $2000 – Jenna Fry & Gavin Ward
Iowa Mold & Engineering Scholarship $1000 – Gavin Ward
Johnson Insurance Scholarship $1000 – Jacy Gates
Kipton Peterman Memorial Scholarship $500 – Abigail Miller
Knights of Columbus Scholarship $400 – Kiley Alcott & Ben DeMeulenaere
Larry Schlue Memorial Scholarship $1000 – Olivia Bohlen
Lions Club Scholarship $300 – .Addison Dahlquist
Mansfield STEM Scholarship – .Courtney Hook ($1000), Jackson Spencer ($2000) & Sheldon Coover ($2000)
MidwestOne Bank Scholarship $500 – Allison Morrow
National Council of Youth Leadership Ambassador Scholarship $100 – Courtney Hook
Nicholas Novak Memorial Scholarship $3000 – Addison Dahlquist
Northwest Iowa Classic Tractor Club Scholarship $500 – Mason Ward & Gavin Ward
Odd Fellows Scholarship $250 – Kiley Alcott
Rotary Kirkwood Scholarship $600 – Jenna Fry
Rotary Wayne Conrad Scholarship $600 – Abigail Miller
Scott & Nancy Frank Agricultural Scholarship $500 – Breanna Cook
Virginia L. Zamastil Memorial Scholarship $2000 – Kiley Alcott & Jenna Fry
Women’s Club Scholarship $400 -Macy Hlas

Class of 2022 College Scholarships

Central College:
Journey Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Central Heritage Award, Trustee Scholarship & Distinguished Scholar Scholarship – Olivia Bohlen

Central College:
Presidential Scholarship, Trustee Scholarship, Distinguished Scholar Scholarship &  Journey Scholarship – .Sheldon Coover

Central College:
Journey Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Central Heritage Scholarship, Distinguished Scholar Scholarship & Trustee Scholarship – .Ben DeMeulenaere

Central College:
Trustee Scholarship,, Journey Scholarship & Presidential Scholarship – .Eli Ehlen

Iowa State University:
Hixson All Opportunity Award – Steven Tri

Mount Mercy University:
Catherine McCauley Scholarship – Nikkia Spinelli

University of Northern Iowa:
Panther Impact Award &
Orville & Jane Sayers Scholarship – Addison Dahlquist

University of Northern Iowa:
Panther Success Award &
Orville & Jane Sayers Scholarship – Alivia Haack

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