Land use action is approved by Benton County Board of Supervisors

Benton County Service Center

By Jim Magdefrau

VINTON – It was mainly land use work for the Benton County Board of Supervisors at their meeting, Tuesday, May 10, at the service center in Vinton.

A variance to the subdivision ordinance was approved for Boyer Farms, for land in Section 9, Canton Township. A building site is planned. The land will go through the land use change process.

A land use hearing was held for Casey Bowman for land in Parcel A, Section 1, Florence Township. He plans to build a new home on the parcel. The land is not in production. A new driveway will be installed, as well as a new septic system. He will connect to an existing water well.

A land use hearing was held for Brock and Erin Munson for land in Parcel A, Section 16, Benton Township. They plan a new home and out building. It is not in production. No new driveway is proposed, as he will use the driveway belonging to his mother’s nearby property. A sand filter system might be used for waste, due to the soil type. Red Brush LLC would like to continue to use an easement on that property. No land will be taken out of production.

A proclamation was approved recognizing May as Crisis Intervention Awareness Month. The proclamation reads:



WHEREAS, traumatic and critical incidents have the ability to affect anyone of all racial, cultural and economic backgrounds; and

WHEREAS, in addition to the immediate physical and emotional costs, critical incidents may also have associated consequences of acute stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, depression, homelessness, eating disorders and suicide; and

WHEREAS, critical incidents can be devastating not only to the survivor(s), but also for the family and friends, and community of the survivor(s); and

WHEREAS, since critical incidents are part of life and cannot be eliminated, we must work together to educate our entire population about what can be done to minimize the aftermath, support survivors and their agencies and/or families, and support those agencies providing services to survivors.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED we the Benton County Board of Supervisors in and for Benton County, on behalf of all staff and citizens of Benton County, that the Month of May 2022 is hereby proclaimed as:


Signed this 10th day of May, 2022.

Tracy Seeman, Chairman

Gary Bierschenk, Rick Primmer

ATTEST: Hayley Rippel, Benton County Auditor

Dean Vrba, transportation director, received approval for the hiring of William Hawk, starting as a driver on May 23, 2022.

Supervisor Richard Primmer had a question on a claim from a locksmith. He also gave an update on Heartland Insurance.

In business with Benton County Engineer Myron Parizek, the board approved the plan for Project BROS-SWAP-CO06(120)—SE-06-Bridge Replacement on 55th Street in Cedar Township.

A resolution was amended regarding the speed limit on 11th Ave. Dr. It is for additional county roads surrounding the Highway 21 and 30 project.

The text follows.


WHEREAS: Resolution #22-32 addresses the temporary speed limit on many Benton County Secondary Roads near the Iowa Highway 21 closure project, and

WHEREAS: The traffic on this Benton County Secondary Road has also increased due to the temporary closure of IA Hwy 21 intersection at US Hwy 30, and

WHEREAS: A reduced speed limit on this secondary road will greatly increase the safety for the traveling public.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Benton County Board of Supervisors that the temporary speed limit on this road be set as follows:

“35 mph on 11th Avenue Dr from 76th Street south 1.0 mile to the intersection of 77th Street,” and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that upon opening of interchange of IA Hwy 21, the temporary speed limit be removed and the speed limit return to 45 mph.”

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