Bobcat Kindness … a good deed is recognized

In the midsts of awards, scholarships and certificates at Benton Community’s Class of 2022 senior awards, one award singled out a Benton Bobcat for kindness.

According to Principal Rob Arnold, an anonymous donor stopped at the school office and wanted to recognize a Bobcat for kindness shown to a stranger.

In announcing the award on May 11, Arnold stated:

Bobcat Kindness Award

The Bobcat Kindness Award is bestowed upon a Benton Bobcat that exhibits the following characteristics:

  1. Recognition to spontaneously help without being asked.
  2. They have an attitude of kindness.
  3. They display genuine caring for those around them.

This year recipient is being recognized for a random act of kindness. This recipient was attending a church function and was seated next to a random stranger. This student noticed the stranger was struggling to open a jar during the meal. As the conversation was happening, without missing a beat, this student recognized that the stranger was having difficulty opening a jar and simply helped the stranger by taking the jar and removing the lid. All the while continuing to engage with this person in a genuine conversation. While this gesture seems small, it was not to the stranger. Because of this student’s actions, the stranger was able to maintain his dignity and was extremely grateful for the gesture.

On behalf of this anonymous stranger, we would like to award Jacob Brecht the Bobcat Kindness Award for $100 for being an awesome representative of Benton Community.

Rob Arnold and Jacob Brecht

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