VINTON POLICE: Juveniles taken into custody after fire investigation

May 21, 2022, two male juveniles were taken into custody by Vinton Police Officers on several charges after an investigation of several fires that was set in the early hours of May 14th

On May 14, 2022, at around 02:54AM, The Vinton Fire Department and the Vinton Police Department responded to a report of a fire north of the swimming pool. One of the Vinton Parks and Recreation vehicles was fully engulfed with fire as well as the main playground equipment at the Riverside Park “ninja park”. The vehicle and the playground equipment were a total loss.

Also reported was a trampoline that was on fire on a vacant lot south of the swimming pool area which was a total loss as well.

In addition to the aforementioned fires were several smaller fires set throughout the residential areas. Vinton Firemen and Vinton Police Officers found and extinguished those fires and discovered several other areas that the fire had extinguished itself. Some of the items that were found burning or burnt was grass areas in yards, trees, bushes, flower beds, porches, lattice on a house, vehicle tires, and vehicles. Also discovered were spray painted graffiti on a building, vehicles, and a house. The path of mischief went all the way from the Riverside
Park to around the 1000 Block of B Avenue and A Avenue. We were very fortunate that no houses or lives were lost.

The investigation lead Vinton Police Officers to the identification of two Vinton male juveniles. The names of the two juveniles are being withheld. Vinton Police Department has filed charges against the two male juveniles, each criminally charged individually and equally as follows.
1 count – Arson 1st Degree, Class “B” Felony
2 counts – Arson 2nd Degree, Class “C” Felony
3 counts – Arson 3rd Degree, Aggravated Misdemeanor
3 counts – Reckless Use of Fire or Explosives, Serious Misdemeanor
2 counts – Criminal Mischief 1st, Class “C” Felony
5 counts – Criminal Mischief 5th, Simple Misdemeanor

A class “B” felon, confined for no more than twenty-five years.

A class “C” felon, confined for no more than ten years, and in addition, shall be sentenced to a fine of at least one thousand dollars but not more than ten thousand dollars.

Aggravated misdemeanor, the maximum penalty shall be imprisonment not to exceed two years and a fine of at least six hundred twenty-five dollars but not to exceed six thousand two hundred fifty dollars.

Serious misdemeanor, a fine of at least three hundred fifteen dollars but not to exceed one thousand eight hundred seventy-five dollars.

Simple misdemeanor, a fine of at least sixty-five dollars but not to exceed six hundred twenty-five dollars.

Thanks to our community members of Vinton! Without you we would not have found our suspects as fast as we did. The fire is still under investigation by the Vinton Police Department and additional charges are still pending in this case. The two male juveniles were transported to Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center in Eldora, Iowa.

* An arrest or criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the Defendant(s) is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law.

— Chief Ted W. Paxton
310 A Avenue * PO Box 529 * Vinton, IA 52349

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