Norway City Council – June 13, 2022


June 13, 2022 

Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call – Present: Robby Miller, Kelly Luedtke, Kevin Frese, & Karson Kuester. Absent: Ron Miller. 

Motion to accept agenda, minutes, bills, and treasurers report made by Luedtke and seconded by Robby Miller. Motion carried 4-0. 

Benton County Board of Supervisors chairman Tracy Seeman presented an update on the new radio tower that will be installed on the North edge of Norway including blueprints and exact specifications. 

The Board of Supervisors do not object to the voluntary annexation of property North of Norway. The public hearing for the voluntary annexation has been moved to July 11th, 2022. 

A meeting with the owner of the industrial property located on Euclid Ave. will be scheduled to discuss a pre-treatment agreement concerning sewer effluent levels. 

Sidewalk Inspections will be taking place at least annually. 

Motion to approve the tobacco license renewal for The Depot Express made by Frese and seconded by Kuester. Motion carried 4-0. 

Motion to deny a break on the sewer portion of utility bills for filling swimming pools made by Luedtke and seconded by Frese. Motion carried 4-0. 

Properties with garbage nuisances are being handled by Mayor Volz and the city attorney as needed. 

The Norway Park Pavilion will be getting a new air conditioning unit as well as new mulch for the playground. 

The Norway website is currently paused, and the city is actively working on getting the website updated. 

Motion to approve FY23 wage increase made by Frese and seconded by Kuester. Motion carried 4-0. 

Approved building permits include 212 E Railroad St for a privacy fence as well as 114 W Railroad St for a privacy fence. 100 E Tuttle St will be building a garage behind their property. 

Mayor Volz informed the council that G&H Electric came out to get the electricity going on the poles along Railroad Street so Norway will have Christmas lights for the holidays. 

Motion to adjourn at 6:50pm made by Kuester and seconded by Robby Miller. Motion carried 4-0. 

Kennedy Judkins, Clerk

Bruce Volz, Mayor

May 9 – Jun 10, 22
5/9/22 Payroll 5/9/22 – Payroll 3,778.86 
USPS PO Box fee FD(late fee) 25.00 
Amber- Schulte Deposit Refund Park Pavilion Rental 50.00 

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