Benton County Supervisors have three land use hearings


VINTON – Several land use hearings were held by the Benton County Board of Supervisors at their Tuesday, July 5, 2022, meeting in Vinton.

The first hearing was for Steve and Emma Henry Jr., for land in Section 24, Cedar Township. They plan to build a house on land they own just outside of Mount Auburn. It is an old farmstead and is not in production. The driveway meets the county’s criteria, according to Land Use Administrator Marc Greenlee. There is also an existing well. There will be a new septic system on the lot. The request was approved.

The second hearing was for Hensley Innovations LLC for land in Section 6, Kane Township. This is along Highway 21. They want to use an existing building for a collision center. This takes no land out of production. The driveway is in compliance with state regulations. This request was also approved.

A land use hearing was scheduled for Amana Society for land in Section 30, Eldorado Township. Amana Society withdrew the application. On schedule for Tuesday, July 12, is a request from Amana Society for land owned by Steve and Scott Thompson.

Other business

Angie Harbour of ASAC gave an update on tobacco and substance use prevention.

The board approved resolutions for transfer of funds and interfund transfers.


In business with the county engineer, they approved the Iowa Department of Transportation agreement for County Bridge Federal-Aid SWAP funding. The bridge is on 55th Street. Engineer Myron Parizek explained how bridges will be funded after the SWAP program has ended. The board signed purchase agreements for permanent and temporary easements for the bridge project.

They approved a utility permit for Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company in Bruce, Monroe and Homer Townships.

They approved a utility permit for Northern Natural Gas in Cedar Township.

The board approved reducing the speed limit on land near Oak Grove Church. The speed limit will be 35 miles per hour.

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