Supervisors deal with land use matters

By Jim Magdefrau

VINTON – The Benton County Board of Supervisors had their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022, at the Benton County Service Center Conference Room, Vinton.

The board acknowledged the successful Post Election Audit of the Special Benton Community School Election (Big Grove-Union-Van Horne precinct). They also approved the second tier canvass of the election.

The board amended Ordinance No. 15-01, regarding the Veterans Affairs Donation Fund. This deals with the Veterans Affairs office accepting and utilizing donated funds. It was approved by resolution.

The board approved the final plat of the replat of Lot 2, Red Brush Estates First Addition to Benton County. The land will be used for pasture land.

Attorney Anders Norgaard, Belle Plaine, met with the board regarding the final plat for Level B Subdivision, Benton County. This deals with land north of Blairstown. It was approved by resolution.

The board tabled the proposed lease modification between Benton County and Cedar Valley Ranch, after discussion about use of reserve funds. The supervisors wanted to get the Benton County Attorney’s opinion on the matter. Benton County leases the facility to Cedar Valley Ranch.

The board approved the third and final consideration for adopting Ordinance No. 78, readopting the existing Benton County Code of Ordinances and/or repealing certain portions therein.

Kirsten Nelson, human resources, discussed the Group Benefit Partners broker fee increase. The agreement was approved.

Supervisor Richard Primmer gave an update on Central Iowa juvenile detention. Supervisor Tracy Seeman reported on emergency management.

Supervisors on YouTube

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