Norway Council – Nov. 14, 2022


November 14th, 2022

Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call – Present: Ron Miller, Robby Miller, Kelly Luedtke, Kevin Frese, & Karson Kuester. Absent: None

Motion to accept agenda, minutes, bills, and treasurers report made by Robby Miller and seconded by Luedtke. Motion carried 5-0.

Jim Van Scoyoc was present to get clarification from the council for a quit claim alley on his property. The city is gathering information and will work with the attorney to file a quit claim on a portion of an alley on Van Scoyoc’s property.

Mayor Volz presented information to council stating he is working on a grant for $2,500 dollars to acquire more trees to be planted in Norway. Mayor Volz is also working on a grant to receive funds for a new generator(s).

A meeting was held between the City of Norway and the property owners of the industrial property on Euclid Ave. The previously discussed plans for a sewer project have been scrapped with new plans that will allow for used water to be recycled.

The status of the emergency siren was again discussed as well as fire station expansion updates which included Mayor Volz getting information from the railroad.

Nuisance properties including but not limited to 510 W Railroad St were discussed. The city is diligently working with the attorney to bring these ongoing issues to a close.

409 Union was issued a building permit for a chain link fence. 313 E Railroad St will be issued a building permit for a front deck.

Motion to adjourn at 5:42pm made by Ron Miller and seconded by Kuester. Motion carried 5-0.

Bruce Volz, Mayor

Kennedy Judkins, Clerk


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