Benton County Warranty Deeds, November 28 to December 2, 2022

Nov. 28, 2022

Daniel Nusse conveys to Tayler E and Travis J Granberg, real estate in Lot 42, Heartland Nature Estates Second Addition, Urbana.

Nov. 30, 2022

David Elsbury conveys to Sandra I Muszyncki, real estate in Section 6, Iowa Township.

Diane Wheeler Estate conveys to Anna Hanson and Tracy L Bruns, real estate in Lots 5 and 6, Block 3, Fred Hamann’s First Addition, Keystone.

Dec. 1, 2022

Duane A and Danielle Rinderknecht convey to Justin R and Chelsea K Moser, real estate in Lots 4 and 5, Block 8, Rupp’s Addition, Van Horne.

Jeffrey and Theresa Blair convey to Martin A and Lark L Richards, real estate in Lot 4, Ridgeview Fifth Addition, Atkins.

Friday, Dec. 2, 2022

Linda K McNulty conveys to Ronald W and Mary Tiedemann, real estate in Section 9, St. Clair Township.

Golden Grain Enterprises conveys to the United States of America, real estate in Parcel B, Section 32, Iowa Township.

Maxine Sauer Revocable Trust conveys to Justin David and Sondra Maria Cue, real estate in Section 4, Harrison Township.

Jason J Watson conveys to Richard A and Mary A Lohrer, real estate in Lot 6, Sells Addition to Riverside, Vinton.

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