Newhall City Council, Nov. 29, 2022

Minutes City of Newhall City Council

Regular Meeting

November 29, 2022 – 6:00 PM 

Mayor Boddicker brought the regular meeting to order. 

Roll Call: Council Present: Campbell, Cross, Wendel, Seeck. Rinderknecht 

Approval of the Agenda: Motion by Cross, 2nd by Seeck, all yes, motion carried. 

Department Reports: Public Works: Working on ditch on 3rd Ave, need more dirt; UV lights are out; work has started at the north ball field; motor for sander gear box broke down for auger, truck in Cedar Rapids getting fixed, if heavy snow is forecasted, we will get it picked up and then return it for repair; Lynch was instructed to get the potholes filled on William Way asap; GFCI issue on Main Street, Christmas lights will be looked at when we have G&H here for something else.

Mayor: Mapping software is proceeding.

Council: Seeck asked about pile of dirt/rock on B Avenue, Boddicker will address with homeowner; Wendel asked if an item should be added to a future agenda regarding a building inspector position for the City, Keri will add to next agenda; Rinderknecht reported that Curb and Gutter on William Way will hopefully be completed by the end of next summer for the part of William Way that is owned by Rinderknecht Construction; Code Book update project will start back up after FY24 budget approval is done; Campbell reported that tennis court lights have been turned off for the winter.

City Clerk: AFR should be sent to Gazette this week; Check from EMC received for $20,289.82 for sewer pump that needed replaced, new pump is $22,789.82.

Fire: Donations are coming in for the food drive, additional donations can be dropped off at the fire station; insurance claim for mirror that was swiped when first responders were called out and a street was semi-blocked from rock pile and vehicle.

Consent Agenda and Bill Consent: Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Campbell to approve the minutes from November 14, 2022, and bills totaling $14,541.58, all present aye, motion carried

Amazon Library – Supplies, videos, 2 dehumidifiers $676.88 
American Legion Legion Rental – $150 $150.00 
Baker & Taylor Library – Books $196.89 
Benton Co Solid Waste Garbage/Recyc-Gate fee 10/27-11/17 $1,247.06 
Brown Supply Co. Sewer – Degree Elbow $486.00 
Demco Library – Supplies $103.38 
Environmental System Mapping Project – Annual Subscriptions $950.00 
EZ Trash Solutions City – Garbage and Recycling $5,779.64 
Hawkins, Inc. Water – Chlorine $684.58 
HRGreen Mapping Project – Professional Fees $2,881.00 
IRead Library – T-Shirts and Signs $67.42 

Council Action

a) Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Rinderknecht approving $100,000 to be transferred from checking and added to the matured CD of $100,000, and investing the total amount of $200,000 for 24 months in a CD at 3.68%, all present yes, motion carried. 

b) Motion by Seeck, 2nd by Cross approving the liquor license for Whiskey Tavern, all present yes, motion carried. 

Adjournment: At 6:33 PM, Seeck moved to adjourn, Wendel 2nd, all present aye motion carried. 

Doug Boddicker – Mayor 

Keri Touro – City Clerk 


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