Norway City Council – Jan. 9, 2023

January 9th, 2023

Regular meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:01 PM. Roll Call – Present: Robby Miller, Kelly Luedtke, & Karson Kuester. Absent: Kevin Frese, & Ron Miller

Motion to accept agenda, minutes, treasurer’s report, and bills presented made by Kuester and seconded by Luedtke. Motion carried, 3-0.

Setting the FY24 Max Levy Public Hearing was tabled until the next meeting.

Setting 2024* Wages & Benefits was also tabled until the next meeting.

Motion to approve adding Wendy Erger to the payroll at $30.00 per hour and no more than 10 hours per week to assist with the completion of the city’s budget made by Kuester and seconded by Luedtke. Motion carried, 3-0.

Motion to approve setting January 23rd 2023 for a budget workshop meeting made by Kuester and seconded by Robby Miller. Motion carried 3-0.

Mayor Volz provided information from the DNR concerning building in the 100-year flood plain. The DNR will need to ensure the property in question can be built on. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Mayor Volz gave the council information on steps to begin the process of selling the lot on Sweetbriar Dr. The council decided to go with a sealed bid process with a minimum bid allowed as well as other requirements concerning the sale.

Mayor Volz is continuing to work on obtaining grants for new trees to be planted, a new generator(s), and is looking into other grants available to support cities.

Concerning the fire station expansion to the south, the Mayor is working closely with representatives from Union Pacific Railroad.

Nuisance updates were given on letters sent from the Mayor and city attorney. Follow up will continue on other offenders.

Motion to adjourn at 5:58pm made by Robby Miller and seconded by Luedtke. Motion carried 3-0.

Bruce Volz, Mayor
Kennedy Judkins, City Clerk


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