Benton SWCD Holding Conservation Poster Contest for Students

The Benton Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) is hosting a local poster contest for students in grades K-12.  Posters must reflect the contest theme, One Water.  This theme must be included on the poster.  Deadline to submit posters is Friday, April 28.  Posters must be submitted, along with the Poster Contest Entry Form, to the Benton SWCD office at 1705 W D St Vinton, IA

Students who participate in the poster contest are divided into five divisions.  The divisions are as follows:  Division 1, Kindergarten and first grade; Division 2, second and third grade; Division 3, grades fourth through sixth; Division 4, grades seventh through ninth; Division 5, 10th  through 12th.  The Benton SWCD will choose one winner from each of the five grade divisions.  Those local winners will get a chance to compete with other winners within the region, along with the chance win a $35 cash award.  Regional winners will compete in the state competition.  State winning posters will compete in the national poster contest for a chance to win a $100 to $200 cash award.

One Water hopes to show the importance of water and watersheds in our lives. From the mountain tops to the plains where water flows into lakes or ponds, then seeping into the soil and impacting groundwater sources. It is all One Water that we as humans and all animals need to survive and flourish. By caring for our land, environment, animals, and our neighbors, we can make our world and community a better place to call home. 

To fully understand the contest and for great education and poster creation resources, students and educators should go to the Conservation Districts of Iowa (CDI) website and the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) website

The Benton SWCD Commissioners and staff would like to extend an invitation to meet with educators one on one if assistance regarding watersheds and theme One Water is needed prior to presenting to students. If assistance is needed, call the Benton SWCD office at (319) 472-2161 Ext. 3.  Contest Entry Forms and complete guidelines can also be picked up at the office. 


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