Newhall City Council – February 13, 2023

City of Newhall
City Council Regular Meeting and Public Hearing
February 13, 2023 – 6:00 PM

Public Hearing: Motion by Cross, 2nd by Campbell, all yes, motion carried opening public hearing to discuss the Proposed Property Tax Levy for FY24 – July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024. Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Wendel to close the public hearing, all yes, motion carried.

Mayor Boddicker brought the regular meeting to order.

Roll Call: Council Present: Campbell, Cross, Wendel, Rinderknecht, Seeck (via phone)

Approval of the Agenda: Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Wendel, all yes approving and adding item g, motion carried.

Department Reports:

Public Works: Oil changes completed in mowers and gator; mini excavator service was completed onsite; getting epoxy for concession stand floor; Brian Beatty will be here in April to complete project on 1st Street and 5th/6th Avenue; last snow storm vehicles were tagged that were in violation of the snow emergency, will continue to work
with Benton County Sheriff and ticket those who continue to violate; Trent handed out business cards with his cell
phone number on it and asked if the council has questions to please contact him personally instead of the Mayor or City Clerk.

Mayor: Mapping software training will occur in the next couple weeks.

City Clerk: Four letters were sent out to residents that were in violation of city nuisance ordinances. Two of the four contacted City Hall to give a time frame or explanation of the violation. Follow up of those homes February 22nd.

Council – Cross reminded Keri to look for a matching trash can for Main Street; Wendel asked about the alley on east side of town and the status. Boddicker said he will be getting back into it.

Fire: Vent/fan information will be given to Anderson Insurance to see if replacement would be covered; appreciation dinner for Eric Vawter (24 years and retiring) and Gerald Gessner (56 years and counting) went very well.

Parks: Registration for summer 2023 programs is Tuesday, February 21st from 5:30 to 6:30 at City Hall.

Library: Valentines craft had 20 people; interview completed for assistant librarian position, will know more after next library board meeting.

Consent Agenda and Bill Consent: Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Rinderknecht to approve the minutes from January 23, 2023, and bills totaling $24,923.82 all yes, motion carried.

Alliant Energy City – Electric and Gas $6,334.73
Atkins Lumber City Hall – Repair Supplies for Chairs $11.28
Benton County Auditor City – Law Enforcement Jan-Mar 2023 $6,337.50
Benton County Solid Waste City – Gate Fee 12/27 – 1/19 $1,559.40
Danker, Bill Fire – Water for meetings $10.00
Gazette City – Publications $232.58
Gessner Auto Service Fire – Tanker oil and filters $135.63
Hach Company Water – Testing Supplies Nitrite, Chlorine $617.51
HRGreen City – Mapping thru Jan 20 $2,875.25
Hydrants Unlimited Water/Sewer – Operator and Supplies $1,140.00
Keystone Labs Water/Sewer – Testing and Supplies $305.50
Linn Co-op Fire – Fuel $100.02
Linn Co-op City – Fuel $322.25
Menards Streets/City Hall/Parks/Library/Fire – Mats, Shop Supplies, Rugs, Electrical Connector, Edging $505.42
New Century FS City – Fuel $354.74
Roto-Rooter Water – Hydro-Excavation $1,900.00
Sandry Fire Supply Fire – 12 Pair of Gloves $969.48
South Slope City – Internet, Cable, and Phone $638.52
Staples City Hall/Library – Bathroom Tissue $67.44
Visa City – Cable, Keychains, Xmas Trees, Cable Box
Stand $411.66
Visa Library – Movies, City – Adobe $94.91
Total $24,923.82

Council Action:

a) Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Cross approving Prairie Road Builders, Inc. 2023 Seal Coat Project proposal (Seal Coat $2.69/sy, Surface Patching Cold Mix $275.00/ton, Base Reconstruction $3.80/sy, base stone is not included in the price, a complete and accurate job estimate will be presented to the council for approval prior to the start), all yes, motion carried.
b) Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Campbell approving the Proposed Property Tax Levy for FY24 from July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024, roll call vote all yes, motion carried.
c) Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Campbell approving the first reading of resolution 02132023 increasing the garbage and recycling rate from $11.00 to $11.33 for residential customers and yard increase from $15.00 to $18.00 for all ommercial customers, roll call vote all yes, motion carried.
d) Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Cross approving Class B Beer permit for Dollar General, all yes. Doug Wendel left room for a short time and was not present for the vote), motion carried.
e) Tabled $5,000.00 payment to City from Rural Fire Board for Fire Truck. Will create an investment policy for this annual payment to include where the $5000 should be deposited.
f) Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Rinderknecht approving Jeanne Berry to Library Board, all yes, motion carried.
g) Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Cross, all yes, motion carried approving the following municipal board members and expiring dates:
i. Niles Bierschenk as a Library Board member with a term expiring 2028.
ii. Todd Dengler as a Library Board member with a term expiring 2029.
iii. Dan Moeller as a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission with a term expiring 2028.
iv. Removing Pat Butz from the Zoning Board of Adjustments and the Mayor will bring forward with appointment a replacement.
Adjournment: At 6:51 PM, Seeck moved to adjourn, Rinderknecht 2nd, all present aye motion carried.

Doug Boddicker – Mayor

Keri Touro – City Clerk


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