Coming to the EV History Center on Sunday, March 26

Her Adventures in the Great Outdoors

Amy Hanson

The English Valleys History Center will begin its 15th season of interesting programs on Sunday, March 26, at 2 p.m. at 108 N. Main St. in North English. The season will begin with Amy (Smith) Hanson, a 2004 EV graduate.

Amy has learned to love the great outdoors. Growing up in the English Valleys, she always enjoyed being outside, in nature. She remembers dreaming of being an awesome outdoorswoman she would see in the movies or magazines, but telling herself it would never happen. She went hunting once and cried, and she had only fished a few times. She didn’t grow up in an avid hunting and fishing family or community, and she didn’t know anyone who had their own land or lived their lives in the outdoors.

Fast forward to 2010 and that all began to change when she met Troy Hanson. He lived outside Oxford on his parents’ land and was a fabricator/welder at Centro. His grandfather had taught him how to hunt and fish, and he was getting into local fishing tournaments on the weekends. They both had the same interests, and he was willing to help teach Amy some new hobbies. At least at the time she thought they would only be hobbies. Now everything they do is a way of life. From fishing to hunting to camping and exploring, she is living her life one adventure after another. With her husband Troy by her side, come see how they make the most of the great outdoors as they discuss their “hobbies” for every season.

The English Valleys History Center is located at 108 N. Main Street in North English, and all are invited to attend this event at no charge. Donations are accepted.


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