Newhall City Council – March 27, 2023

City of Newhall
City Council Regular Meeting
March 27, 2023 – 6:00 PM

Mayor Boddicker brought the regular meeting to order.

Roll Call: Council Present: Campbell, Cross, Wendel, Seeck

Approval of the Agenda: Motion by Cross 2nd by Wendel all yes, motion carried.

Department Reports:

Public Works: G&H completed electrical work at gazebo; light on top of water tower will be repaired when they come to paint this spring/summer (light is not required because of height of tower); Thank you to Bruce Cross for assisting with UV lights at the lagoon; water main break was fixed quickly, will need to get more rock; city fire extinguishers had their annual maintenance, report will be sent to us; Trent will be taking his water treatment test soon; Tom with Northway recommended not doing anything at this time to the water plant.

Mayor: Working to reschedule mapping training

Zoning: 2 building permits were turned in for a fence and a slab.

Parks: Iowa Valley League and Newhall Rec Board will be meeting this week; Trent will fix the drag; May 15th is the first game; 1st concession order quantities will be determined at Sunday’s Rec Board meeting.

City Clerk: Rabe Hardware has placed the order for the generator; Bob Shultis will be here in April for the Main Street maintenance, he will need 50 bags of mulch; Keri will be out for cataract surgery April 5th and 6th; Doug Rinderknecht is doing great; Keri changed the cell phone plan, saves $50.00 a month; kids messing around at ball diamond, leaving appliances at old shop and garbage at burn pile, security camera quotes will be added to the next agenda.

Consent Agenda and Bill Consent: Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Campbell to approve the minutes from March 13, 2023, and bills totaling $118,418.76 (paying Uline if item d is approved) all yes, motion carried.

Alliant Energy City – electric and gas $4,911.40
Amazon Library – supplies $97.63
Baker and Taylor Library – books $167.80
Benton County Solid Waste Garbage – tipping fee 2/24 – 3/16 $1,155.98
EZ Trash Solutions City – garbage and recycling $5,233.80
G&H Electric Derecho – wired the gazebo $1,694.89
G-Mac Door & Hardware City Hall – handicap door repaired $245.00
Iowa Assoc of Mun Utilities Water – dues $752.00
Iowa DOT Streets – salt $1,949.51
LB Anderson City – property insurance (annual) $72,880.00
New Century FS City – fuel $95.26
NFPA Fire – annual dues $175.00
Northway Corp Sewer – lift station pump, freight, labor $25,165.89
Rabe Hardware City/Fire – generator maintenance $687.68
Uline Pavilion – chairs and freight $3,006.97
US Cellular City – cell service $199.95
Total $118,418.76

Council Action:

a) Motion by Cross, 2nd by Wendel approving the Bluegrass quote C-2023, paying after we receive the equipment, for $8,187.00 (new slide, swing set and swings, and 2 spring toys), all yes, motion carried.

b) Motion by Cross, 2nd by Seeck approving Scott Myers hire to the maintenance position opening for $20.00 an hour, 90 day probation period; 40 hours of personal business after probation, approval to bank overtime as comp time; insurance stipend in lieu of coverage of $420.00, and hours are 7:00-3:30, all yes, motion carried.

c) Tabled for new posting to be hung at post office.

d) Motion by Wendel, 2nd by Seeck approving the purchase of 100 chairs from Uline for the main park pavilion at a cost of $3,006.97 (new rack and freight included). 36 chairs in the past month have been removed because they are broken or bent, all yes, motion carried.

e) Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Cross approving Dan Moeller for a 5 year term on the Planning and Zoning Commission (expires in 2028), all yes, motion carried.

f) Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Seeck approving Craig Seibels for another 5 year term on the Zoning Board of Adjustments (expires in 2028), all yes, motion carried.

g) Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Wendel approving Karen Gessner as Chairman to the Zoning Board of Adjustments, all yes, motion carried.

h) A new street sweeper was discussed, Trent will try to set up a demo and see if salesperson would visit to answer questions from the council.

i) Item will be added to the next agenda with 2 or more quotes for a new city truck.

Adjournment: At 7:26 PM, Seeck moved to adjourn, Wendel 2nd, all yes, motion carried.

Doug Boddicker – Mayor

Keri Touro – City Clerk


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