BC boys’ soccer teams face Clear Creek Amana and Center Point-Urbana

Tuesday, April 18, 2023, at Van Horne

Benton 5, Clear Creek Amana 0

CCA 0 0 - 0
BC  3 2 - 5

With two goals each were Casey Gessner and Caleb Gessner. Nathan Rottman had one goal. Rottman also had two assists. Eli Kupka had one assist. With two shots on goal each were Casey Gessner and Caleb Gessner. Rottman had one shot on goal. Clayton Sebetka had seven saves.

Thursday, April 20, 2023, at Fross Park

Center Point-Urbana 2, Benton 1

BC  0 1 - 1
CPU 2 0 - 2

Caleb Gessner scored a goal for Benton. Casey Gessner had one assist. Caleb Gessner had two shots on goal. Tim Thompson had one. Sebetka had three saves.


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