Norway council has special meeting April 24

April 24th, 2023

Special meeting of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:00 PM. Roll Call –
Present: Karson Kuester, Kevin Frese, Robby Miller, and Kelly Luedtke Absent: Ron Miller

Motion to accept agenda and claim presented made by K. Kuester and seconded by Robby Miller. Motion carried

Motion K. Frese seconded by K. Kuester to pass resolution 23-05 authorizing the ECICOG to submit funding applications for the derecho generator program. Motion carried 4-0. Mayor Volz provided information about how the funding grant works which involves presenting a cost quote in the amount of $35,000.00 from G&H Electric. Once the quote and all required paperwork has been submitted the grant would then be granted or denied. Should the grant be approved, the city would pay for the full cost of the generator and installation and the grant reimburses the city for the amount paid in full. The grant application is to be turned in by April 28th, 2023.

Ordinance 336 – Amending chapter 69 “parking regulations” to change the allowed amount of time a vehicle can be parked upon public property from 48 hours to 72 hours. Roll call vote- Ayes: Kelly Luedtke, Robby Miller, Kevin Frese, and Karson Kuester. Nays: None. Absent: Ron Miller

Motion Robby Miller seconded by K. Kuester to waive the second and third reading of ordinance 336 amending chapter 69 “parking regulations”. Motion carried 4-0.

Ordinance 336 – Amending Chapter 69 “parking regulations” passes 4-0.

Discussion on the progress of the water meter project took place as well as the need to mow the city park.

Motion to adjourn at 5:12pm made by K. Luedtke and seconded by Karson Kuester. Motion carried 4-0.

Bruce Volz, Mayor

Kennedy Judkins, City Clerk

USPS Fire Dept. PO Box Annual Fee – $60.00


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