Norway Council, May 8, 2023


May 8th, 2023

An informative session only due to the lack of a quorum of the Norway City Council was called to order by Mayor Bruce Volz at 5:05 PM. Roll Call – Present: Robby Miller and Kelly Luedtke Absent: Ron Miller, Kevin Frese, & Karson Kuester.

Due to the lack of a quorum and in consideration of those who were present Mayor Volz held an informative session only with no actions or votes being taken.

Anti-Virus options for the city were discussed only.

Comments from the public were heard concerning the new streetlight to be added to Line St and the location of it. Mayor Volz has been mowing the city park until a new park director is designated. Citizens present at the meeting showed interest in helping with mowing and park director duties.

The cost estimates of a mower and weed sprayer were discussed.

Mayor Volz mentioned again that the City received $2,500.00 in grant funds to purchase more trees to plant within the city. Mayor Volz has also submitted the application for a funding grant to purchase a power generator to be installed at the Fire Station.

Public comments included the concern of overweight vehicles causing damage to city streets as well as garbage being left in yards and blowing around the city. Another concern was multiple vehicles being seen speeding on railroad street as well as failing to stop at stop signs. A final concern was mentioned about the tin on top of the grain bin roof on Railroad Street blowing in the wind with the concern that it could come off and cause damage or injury.

Council concerns included the water pressure issue and new builds. Robby Miller also mentioned an individual has shown interest in the purchase of the lot for sale on Sweetbriar Dr.

The informative session was adjourned at 5:47pm. The same agenda will be reposted with the council meeting
rescheduled for Monday, May 15th, 2023, at 5:00pm at the Norway Public Library/City Hall.

Bruce Volz, Mayor
Kennedy Judkins, City Clerk


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