Offices listed for November council and school board elections

From the Benton County Auditor’s Office

City/School Election 2019

November 5, 2019

Benton County Courthouse

Listing shows the seats up for election.

Filing period: August 26 – September 19

Benton County Cities


  • Council-2 Timothy Harbach, Rodney Haerther

Belle Plaine:

  • Mayor Dave Fish
  • Council-At Large-1 Mary Pech
  • Council-District #2-1 Vacant
  • Park Commissioner-1 Shawn Welsh


  • Mayor Rodney Kubichek
  • Council-2 Nick Mokas, Scott Metz


  • Mayor Allan Lindsey (Vacant)
  • Council-2 Doug Kearns, Marvin Trimble Jr.


  • Mayor Michael J. Seeck
  • Council-2 Michael L. Kaiser, Richard Loy Jr.


  • Mayor John Brandt
  • Council-5 Dwight Glinsmann, Kelly Kendall, Patrick McLeod, Lorin Potter, Barbara Shields

Mt Auburn:

  • Mayor Jeffrey Whitson
  • Council-5 Jessica Helms, Justin Hendryx, Michelle Oldfather, Dean Vrba, Michelle Docherty


  • Mayor Jan Mattson
  • Council-5 Douglas Rinderknecht, Michael Gardemann, Douglas Boddicker, Gerald Gessner, Ruby Carolan


  • Mayor Martin Schulte
  • Council-2 Loras Schulte, Jay Hahn


  • Mayor Lonnie M. Speckner
  • Council-2 Nancy Thorkildson, Tim Peters


  • Mayor Mitch McDonough
  • Council-3 Mike Smith, Jamie Duart, Richard Wendel

Van Horne:

  • Mayor Martin Junge
  • Council-2 Connie Donald, Craig Ivester


  • Mayor Bud Maynard
  • Council-At Large-1 Tamara Stark
  • Council-At Large Vacancy-1 Vacant (Brian Parr resigned)
  • Council-District 2-1 F. Ronald Elwick
  • Council-District 4-1 Nathan Hesson


  • Mayor William Voss
  • Council-3 Jesse Bergmeier, Mike Huber, Jeff Kane

Benton County Schools

Belle Plaine School District:

  • Director at Large-3 Marie Stratford, Brad Cook, Mike Bachelder

Benton Community School District:

  • Director District #1-1 Roy Becker
  • Director District #2-1 Theresa Thompson
  • Director District #3-1 Matt Nolte
  • Director District #7-1 Shannon Feuerbach

Vinton-Shellsburg School District:

  • Director at Large-1 Kathy VanSteenhuyse
  • Director District #1-2 Brenda Bartz, Jason Hicok
  • Director District #2-1 Kyle Schminke

Linn County

North Linn Community School District:

  • Board Member at Large-1 Bret Haughenbury
  • Board Member District #1-1 Ryan Benesch
  • Board Member District #2-1 Connie Helms

College Community School District:

  • Director at Large-1 Vacant
  • Director District #1-1 Greg Kelsey
  • Director District #3-1 Randy Bauer
  • Director District #4-1 Angie Ehle

Center Point-Urbana Community School District:

  • Director at Large-1 Scott Millikin
  • Director District #2-1 Teresa Davis
  • Director District #3-1 Matthew Wade

Black Hawk County

Union Community School District:

  • Director at Large-1 Corey R. Lorenzen
  • Director District #1-1 Brandon Paine
  • Director District #3-1 Jenna Scott
  • Director District #4-1 Cathy Niebergall

Buchanan County

Independence Community School District:

  • Director District #1-1 Brian Eddy
  • Director District #2-1 Kim Hansen
  • Director District #3-1 Eric B. Smith

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